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Out with 2014 and in with 2015!

In our first live show of 2015, we talked about what 2014 brought to the table.  It was a year of release, release and release yet again.  2014 was like the year of everyone shedding their old snake skin so that we could start 2015 free, fresh and new.  We definitely were prompted (harshly at times) to get rid of all that didn’t serve us anymore.   If you didn’t get rid of what you were supposed to, it hit you hard the first of the year!   Lots of people were reporting physical illness, crying fits, emotional fits and more and they were all related to the old stories they didn’t change!  January 2015 is all about activating what you want your life to look like so get into action and leave the old behind!!

Here is the link to show if you missed it:

We also did one question readings for listeners!

Love and light to all!


Happy New Year!

Hope 2015 is starting out awesome for you!

We are back with live shows starting tonight at 7pm CST!  On our show tonight, we will recap 2014 and talk about what to expect in this year.  Plus, we will be doing one question readings!

Here is our schedule for January:

January 6th 7pm CST: Out with 2014 and in with 2015!
We will recap 2014 and talk about what to expect in 2015,plus we will be doing one question readings.

January 8th 8pm CST: Empowerment Hour
Follow our journey as we build our business and get advice from our business coach, Deanna Fjelsted. These tips can help you too!

January 20th 7pm CST:  What does Spirit Want You to Know? with guest speaker, Shirley Moore

January 27th 7pm CST: Discover 4 Simple Ways to Get Unstuck and Live a Life You Love with guest speaker, Connie Hertz

Follow and listen to these shows and podcasts at:

Love and light!


One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

What a great show we had!  Thank you to all the listeners who called in and apologies to the ones we couldn’t get to.  Maybe we have to go to a 2 hour show!

If you missed the show or want to hear the replay or re-listen to your question and answer, here is the link:

One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy New Year!  We will catch you in January!

Love and light,



Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition

Class offered April 12, 2014. Please call to register!

Phone in Friday! July 10,13

Today’s show was phone in Friday!  You can call in and talk ask any questions you might have dealing with your awakening process, if you feel like you are behind, or how you are handling and maneuvering throughout the ever changing increases of the energies in the world.  If you have feedback to offer others please call in and let’s talk about it.  If you need some reassurance, validation, verification, or find out that NO you are NOT going crazy, call us and call in on Friday:)

This show is sponsored by:  Intuitive clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, intuitive healer Beth Jacobson, contact her at 651-900-4136 for an individual intuitive or healing session, visit

If you are looking to sell or buy your home, or would like to experience an intuitive reading contact Marie Langlie at 651-303-0555.

If you have any questions or comments about advertising, sponsoring, or donating to Divine Goddess Radio blog talk email Beth or Marie at

We send you Love and Light and Peace along your Journey,

Beth and Marie

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