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What’s Your Vision? 02/23/15

Since the inception of Divine Goddess Radio two years ago, our listeners have increased to 40,000.  That is 40,000 devoted listeners from all over the world that tune into our blog talk radio show every week.  Marie and I started it with the intention to educate, influence, inspire, and empower others on the various topics of spirituality.  We engage our listeners with a variety of teachers who have the same mission as us.  To bring more light into this world by sharing our gifts, abilities, and knowledge of topics dealing with higher consciousness.  The goal is to create Heaven on Earth.  We hold the space for all of our speakers and listeners to create from a heart filled space.  Our platform is to create a safe place for all involved to come together and explore topics that will open each other up to be their best.  Their brightest.  To be the Light they came here to be.  It is our privilege to be trusted by others with the quality of work, information, and education that we provide on our show.  If you find yourself ready to go to the next level with your life and business, I suggest to you to join us in bringing this radio show to the next level.  Join us on our journey to greatness!  Be a part of it with us:)

We welcome you with open arms:)

We are now accepting applications to be on our show for 2015.  If you are looking for an inexpensive and unique opportunity to expand your business without the worry of advertising.  We do all the work for you.  Please email Marie or Beth at

Choose to be a part of something that is expanding in the most awesome way!

In Love and Light,

Beth and Marie

Divine Goddess Radio


What One Word Describes You? 02/23/15

This past weekend on face book someone posted a question that I found interesting.  I ended up forwarding it onto my timeline.  I was curious to see what the responses would be.  So far I have had over 50+ responses.  They range from people thinking that they are awesome, fantastic, spectacular, a journey, broken, enlightened, empowered, evolved, intense, layered, and so much more.  Everyone responded in and at the level that they interpreted the question at.  I was amazed at how fast people where are board to answer it.  People are craving a sense of community.  The past weekend had a huge energetic opening of new energy that came in.  It was spectacular higher frequency and vibrancy energies that we were given.  Some people were unaware of what happened.  No matter what, I guarantee you were effected by it. There were many people of all ages that were sick with flu and cold like symptoms.  Our physical bodies are ridding itself of the old stories within the DNA.  If you could see what was going on and if you can, there is still a lot going on energetically.  Do not be worried if you are asking yourself what is happening.  Every single one of us is going through the ascension process.

If you are doing your work on a conscious level it is becoming so much more easier.  If you are running away and not dealing with or looking at what is being presented to you, then you may find yourself struggling.  You may possibly be running into roadblock after roadblock.  Hopefully you are finally at a point in your life that you are starting to ask yourself, “what the heck is going on?”  The next step is to start asking yourself, “what do I need to start doing in my life to get on track?”  What is the next step for my highest and best good?  Now be quiet enough to hear the response.  You can talk to a trusted person in your life, journal, talk into a recorder, look into a mirror and stare at yourself in the eyes, paint, draw, meditate, and be outside in nature.  Your messages are all around you.

If you see, hear, or intuitively are guided to something three times, consider that a message.  A person says something profound as you are eating lunch at a popular restaurant, you then are watching television and the commercial says something prominent and catches your attention to the same words (subject),or similar to the restaurant that jumped out at you, and then you receive a phone call from someone who is talking about the subject that is prominent in your life at the moment.  That is the universe engaging in conversation with you.  They just want you to slow down and be still.  To listen.  So are you doing that right now in your life?  Or are you moving a thousand miles an hour?  What’s it going to take to get your attention?  health issues?  car accident? loss of loved one?  Losing your job?

It is time to STOP!  Be STILL!  LISTEN!  It is time for you to connect with God, Creator, Source, or Spirit!  Enough is enough!  No more running away.  You came here to be BIGGER!  It is time to step into your Soul Purpose.  Be of service for others and Source.  You are not here just for yourself.  It is about relationships.  Now is the time to take a look at them.

So right here right now I am asking you to WAKE up and ask yourself that one simple questions and answer it with one word.  Use one word to describe yourself right now.  That will let you know where you are in your space right in this moment.  Know that you are part of something greater than the experience you are having right now:)

I send a Rainbow of glitter, Golden Light, and Unconditional Love to All of You.

Blessing to you on your Journey:)

Beth Jacobson

World Renowned Speaker and Energetic Alchemist

Divine Goddess Radio

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It is time to SHINE your Light! 02/18/15

It is time to shine your light!  No more hiding who you are.  Sit and meditate with this.  Ask yourself, is what I am currently doing with my life for my highest and best good?  How do you feel when you ask yourself that question?  What will it take to move forward with ease and grace?  Keep in check with how you are doing and how it is going?  Periodically ask yourself these questions.  Now is the time to really look at situations in your life and relationships.  Are you doing what you love or are you doing something to make someone else happy?  You need to ask yourself what are you being loyal to?  Are you being loyal to someone for fear of hurting their feelings?  Are you being honest first and foremost with yourself?  Be loyal to yourself first.  When you are making your daily decisions, do they come from your heart or your head?  It is important to know where that motive is coming from.

If you are not being loyal to yourself, it can sooner than later create resentment.  That resentment can present itself in some pretty icky ways.  You can find yourself having irrational thoughts.  You may question your existence.  You can project unhealthy judgments unto the person you completely gave your loyalty to, without even realizing that is what you were doing.  All because you were not asking yourself the above questions.  A simple check in with your soul.

So what if you find yourself relating to this write up, right now.  Are you asking yourself how do I change it then?  First, call someone that you know and trust that will hold that space for you to process your stuff.  It is so important to say how you are feeling out loud.  Do it positively.  Do it respectfully.  No judgment.  As you find yourself sharing your experience out loud.  Pay attention to your words.  Be mindful of what you are saying.  Catch yourself on the choice of words you are using.  Finally, ask yourself what do I need to do to change it?  Listen.  Patiently wait for the answer.  Now shift your thoughts.

Live your life with JOY!  Do everything from a heart felt space.  If it is not heart felt.  Do not do it then!!!  Honor yourself with saying NO if something does not trip your trigger.  Life is short.  You are living it for you, not someone else.  Remember we are ALL here to be of service.  Decide how you want to do that.  Ask yourself the question,  is this for my highest and best good?  NOW JUST DO IT!


Love, blessings, and more light sent your way,


Young Living Essential Oils Member Educator and Spiritual Teacher

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Beth and Marie also facilitate Divine Goddess gatherings and parties in your home, school, work place, and corporate settings.  It is a GREAT idea for birthday’s, anniversaries, wedding parties, women’s events, celebrations of all types.  Host a party or class of 10 people or more and as the host you will receive a FREE 15 minute reading or FREE class.  15 minute readings are $50 each.

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Divine Goddess Essentials with Beth- Let’s Talk About Oils 02/14/15

Today on the show of Divine Goddess Essentials with Beth, I talked about the the Young Living brand of essential oils.  They are the only oil that has a seed to seal process.  Young Living can tell you with confidence and integrity of where and what all their seeds and plants have been in contact with.  Is your brand of oil able to say that?  If you think that you are getting quality grade that is therapeutic in a store just because it says that it is organic, I hate to be the one who tells you this.  It is not going to be therapeutic grade.  You always want to be mindful of what you are using and why.  Do you know the sourcing of what you use?  Do you know what it comes from?  What has it been in contact with?  Are you asking those questions?  I guess I should also say that many people have no idea what an essential oil is, let alone knowing what you use it for.  Essential oils are an alternative way of feeling better with mind, body, and spirit.  I do not know about you but I can definitely say that I personally have never believed that the medical profession has all the answers.

Ever since I was younger, a child, I believed that I could heal my own body.  Using the Young Living oils have complimented my beliefs that only I can heal myself.  I am not saying that you may never have to reach out for  help from other sources.  Whatever those other sources are.  I am just informing you that we have been led to believe that we have limited resources in our own health care.  I disagree with that.  We have amble resources right before our nose.  All we have to do is ask, look, listen, and keep an open mind to what your options are out there.  I have never been, nor will I be someone who leaves my health care regimen up to anyone else.  I am responsible for myself and my body.  The Young Living oils are made with such high quality plants that when you use the oils, your frequencies and vibrancy is raised.  As your frequencies and vibrancy is raised, it can decrease and can even eliminate dis-ease from your body and systems.  The oils can go very deep into your cells.  The old stories that are stored in there can then be released.  You can be change your medical story and change your current health situation.  I am not claiming that these oils are a miracle and can heal you.  I am speaking from my own experience of how they have helped me.  I also come from an Energetic Alchemist perspective.  We can shift our energies (thought/beliefs).   When we do that our body starts responding differently.  In my minds eye our body is responding to something that it was designed to interact with.  Plant life.  That is all the oil is. A plant life with a soul essence.  Its existence is to help with healing, us, this planet, and who knows maybe the world.

This show is just another show to offer another way of looking at taking care of yourself-mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.  Your body will start responding differently once you start listening to it.

If you are ready to, wanting to, and able to start a new way of taking better care of all of you, seriously think about becoming a Young Living member.  If you want to become part of a wonderfully supportive team, my team you can email me at or call me at 651-900-4136.

You can also go onto the web site and fill out all the information and add my number to the enroller and sponsor space 2105859.  I will email you and welcome you to the product.  If you have any questions on how to get started feel free to ask me.  If you would like to learn more about the oils before you invest in them I am more than happy to come and do an informative oils class in your home, school, or community.   I am blessed to have the platform of reaching people on blog talk radio.  My purpose is to be of service and to inspire, guide, and assist others to find their magic within.  I send you blessings along with love and light your way:)  Come from a space of love and change your life for the better.

Beth Jacobson

Energetic Alchemist-inspiring, guiding, and assisting you on remembering the magic that you are. As you align with your magic, you will discover and uncover your Soul Purpose!

Set up a session with me through email: or call 651-900-4136.

Call for an information oils class that I can come into your home, school, or community to learn more about the oils.

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Loving Yourself Through Spirit 02/10/15

On our show tonight, we had the fabulous guest speaker Julie Lynn Joyce.  She is a Holistic Health Coach, Psychic Angel card reader, Reiki and Shamanic Reiki practitioner.  Julie spoke about Loving Yourself through Spirit.  It was an Awesome show and information that is so appropriate for right now.  Mercury retrograde is done on February 11 and going into shadow.  In that, I mean it is a great time to finally let go of all the excuses of not being your best.  It is time to put yourself first and LOVE yourself.  Julie gave some wonderful tools to start using on yourself such as writing up some positive self affirmations to read every morning, meditate, go outside and be in nature, talk to a supportive friend, or do something nice for yourself.  Bring yourself out to eat, exercise, go dancing, and put yourself first.

In order for us to receive more divine love into our life we need to let go of everything that no longer serves us.  She gave great advice of saying daily, “I expect a miracle today!”

The topic is very appropriate for right now, especially since Valentine’s day is coming up in a few days.  Julie has a special running only through February 15, 2015.  You have to email her before that date in order to receive a FREE 15 minute Healing Heart Session with Julie:)  Julie’s email is:

It is an investment in YOURSELF!  It is time for you to LOVE yourself.  Give Julie an email shout out.

This episode was brought to you by Pathway to Peace with Julie Lynn Joyce, Holistic Health Coach.

Divine Goddess Radio

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Optimal Health with Essential Oils 02/06/15 02/06/15 02/06/15

Do you agree that more and more people are actually starting to take charge over their health?  Everywhere I go I hear others talking about alternative ways of dealing with their health.  Whether or not they are working with alternative doctors, medicines, or practices.  People are sick and tired of the pharmaceutical companies and how greedy they are.  People are more sick now than ever before.  I wonder why that is (sarcastically said)?  Could it have anything to do with the foods we eat?  The poisonous toxins we put into our bodies with all the chemicals in food, beverage, air, perfumes, our clothes, our homes, and everything else.

I find it very interesting how many people do not want to take accountability for their life, let along their health.  God forbid someone challenge the food companies out there and the gmo’s in our environment.  GMO stands for genetically modified organism.  This means there is a living organism that has been manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.  It is a new science that creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.  Alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, papaya, soy, sugar beets, zucchini, yellow summer squash, wheat, rice, and so many other products have been altered in some way.  Yes folks that means cotton in our clothes, towels, and sheets that we sleep on and wear.

Many people have already started looking into and turning to plant based health products to help them and their families become healthier.  To restore their health and body back to its optimal potential.  One product that I BELIEVE in the ability of restoring our health back to its optimal functioning is, Young Living Essential Oils.  My experience with them has been absolutely remarkable.  I do not know of any other essential oils organization that can say that they know where their sourcing comes from.  Young Living is one of the few organizations that I have researched and looked into that has integrity and authenticity in the products that they sell and what they stand for.

There are other essential oils that I would never stand behind, let alone ever use or recommend the using of them to anyone.   Those organizations will have to stand one day and answer to others on their lack of integrity about their product and their practices.

My desire is to educate others on what Young Living has to offer and how to use them appropriately.  If you have been waiting for something like this to be put onto your path, well here you go.  Now is the time to start changing your health and life for the better.  It is time to be at your optimal health and feel good in the body you have.  If you want to learn more about the oils feel free to contact me at, or if you are ready to become a member and take control of your life go into and type in 2105859

Make sure you listen to my new blog talk radio “The Divine Goddess Essentials with Beth”.  The show is on February 14, 2015, at 10am cst. or go to

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Empowerment Hour 02/06/15

On Divine Goddess Radio we had the Empowerment Hour with Deanna Fjelsted.  Deanna is a business coach who is working with the Hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, Marie and Beth.  She joins the hosts the first Thursday of the  month to go over a business strategy.  Marie and Beth have decided to go the next level to make their blog talk radio show a business.  We have decided to air it for our listeners.  Our listeners are able to join us in our progress of moving forward into manifesting our dream.  A dream of being an international platform of hosting a variety of guests speakers.  Speakers with the same dream of bringing more light and love into the world.  The dream to help, guide, and assist others in finding their passion, and living a more heart centered life.  To help others expand more spiritually, and to live from a place of higher consciousness.

I appreciate the fact that Marie and I have been given this gift of an opportunity to work together.  Working together as a team to manifest this wonderful format.  A blog talk radio show, that serves the purpose of helping others live a more authentic life.  If we are a beacon of light, hope, and love to help assist others into shifting into the next phase of their life, oh what a gift that is for us to have.  We share it with you, with love.  We have no expectations. It’s your life.  It’s your journey!  Do what you must to move forward onto your path.  Just get moving:)  We love and appreciate every single one of you.

Contact Deanna Fjelsted with her email: or call her at 612-816-8395

Deanna Fjelsted is a Life and Business Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

Contact Beth and Marie at or to set up a Divine Goddess party.  We facilitate the gathering in your home, school, community, or corporate setting.  If you host a gathering/party of 10 or more you the host receive a FREE 15 minute reading.  Each individual receives a 15 minute reading for $40.00 by both Beth and Marie.  You can contact Beth at 651-900-4136 or Marie at 651-303-0555.

Young Living Essential Oils 02/04/15 02/04/15

Young Living Essential Oils is a wonderful way of taking control over your health, vitality, and well being.  I do not know about you but I have never been someone who believes in everything a doctor tells me.  My own personal experience has been that of being mislead.  Now that I am further along on my spiritual path to living my purpose I find myself looking at everything differently.  How I was taught by others and what was taught to me about my health is something I find myself to be examining right now.  Energetically speaking of course.  It is amazing how far I have come with taking control over my health.  As a child my parents never had the money to bring me to the doctor every time something was wrong.  I remember being a pretty healthy child.  So there was no problem there.  As a child I remember hearing intuitively from my spirit guides that I could heal myself.  I knew what that meant, and it stayed with me as I grew up and became more mature.

When I worked in the mental health field as a counselor, I was sick to my stomach every time one of the children I worked with was put onto some hard core medications.  I have always thought and believed that the medications that doctors so insisted on putting our children on were doing more harm than good.  Now hear me loud and clear I am not putting down the medical profession.  I am putting down the pharmaceutical companies that put synthetic ingredients in the so called medicine.  Those medicines can cause more harm than good.  Nowadays there are more doctors that are in support of their patients using therapeutic grade essential oils for decreasing their health concerns.  There is an essential oil for pretty much everything now.  Ranging from depression, to anxiety, stress, worry, post traumatic stress disorder, menstrual issues, impotency, diabetes, and so much more.  It is amazing that it has taken this long for society to get back into the way we used to heal ourselves.  We have used oils for centuries.  Man made the harmful pharmaceuticals.

February 14, 2015 at 10 am cst, I will be starting a new blog talk radio show that will discuss what essential oils are and how to use them.  Learn how to take control of your own health.  It is time to stop giving your power to a source that does not care for your well being.  It is time to get rid of your synthetic medications and be in control of your health and life.  Make this the year that you make all the changes that you have been meaning to with your life.  Do it by starting to listen to your body.  What is it saying about your health?  It is time for a healthier YOU.  Let me help you by informing you on some choices that you have.  What you do from there is up to you:)

Disclaimer:  I am not advising anyone to stop using their current medications.  I am not a doctor, nurse or associated with the medical profession.  I am not responsible for any decisions made by a person who listens to my blog talk radio show and chooses to go off their medication.  Free will is an individual choice of what one chooses to do with their life.  Do not use me as an excuse for choices that you make.

I send this off with Love and Light for all who read this,

Beth Jacobson

Reiki Master Instructor, IET Instructor, Light Language facilitator, Psychic, and Spiritual Teacher

One Question Reading 02/03/15

On the show this evening our listeners who called in had similar questions.  They asked questions on love, career, and the next step on their path in life.  Marie and I are very grateful for our listeners who call in and ask a question.  If we can help intuitively by guiding, supporting and empowering others with the work that we do, we are happy to do so.  We created Divine Goddess Radio with the intention to empower women and those that are open, ready, desire, and needing to be empowered to be the best they came here to be.

We have been on the air (computer) for the past two years.  Two years have flown by.  My how far we have come in that amount of time.  The trials and tribulations.  It is amazing to think that we are now on an extended journey with our show.  We are finally at a point to start making it a business.  We are currently working with a business coach, Deanna Fjelsted.  She is working with us on air the first Thursday of every month.  It is a wonderful opportunity for our listeners to be apart of our journey.  The information that Deanna uses with us is being shared on the air for others to also use towards their own business.  We are truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity with Deanna.  Thank you Deanna:)

Since the show has been on the air for two years I have decided to start up another venture that is close to my heart.  I have always believed that I have the ability and knowing to heal my body, mind, and spirit.  I use a variety of modalities to work with.  One of the modalities that I use is a product that enhances the energy work that I do on myself and with my client’s.  I AM a firm believer in the use of using the purest form of therapeutic grade essential oils.   Young Living essential oils are by far the greatest that I have ever had the pleasure of using.  These specific oils have been a god send for me since 2009.  I am a Young Living Essential Oils member.  My goal is to inform others of the benefits of using oils.  I hope you listen to my show “Divine Goddess Essentials” with Beth.  The show will focus on what oils are, what they do, and how to use them.

Yesterday, was a full moon.  It’s about letting go of that which no longer serves your highest and best good.  It is time for me to step outside of my fears of being successful.  It is safe for me to be seen and heard.  Do whatever is your passion.  Mine is to help others in healing themselves and to teach them in how to do it.  What is your passion?

I would love to have you join me for my first show this February 14, 2015 at 10 am cst.

I send you healing energy of love and light,

Beth Jacobson

Psychic Healing Energetic Host of Divine Goddess Essentials with Beth

Individual/Group/Corporate,Couple Energetic Healing sessions, Goddess Parties with Marie and Beth


Marie 651-303-0555

Beth 651-900-4136

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I AM as Strong as a Tree 01/31/15

me in redwood tree, 2011- cool or what

The Redwood trees in California are magnificent.  Look at the size of this gorgeous living breathing essence of life.  Some people say these trees have been around for ten thousand years or more.  Can you imagine?  What they have witnessed?  Humans have done a phenomenal job of destroying the beauty of this world, including the trees.  War I bet is something they unfortunately were forced to be a part of.  Who knows the horrific things they have had to sense, feel, see, breath, and be apart of while they have existed peacefully within this world.  They played so many roles in their life I bet.  These trees are so big that they provided protection, shelter, security, playfulness, food, nourishment, and much more.  You can tell just by looking at the trees that many have honored them.  Gave their life for them.  The energies and spirits that surround them are unbelievable.  You can hear voices of the people that once lived amongst them.  There are orbs everywhere.  What I would do to go deeper within the forest of where these trees exist.  Is there a place untouched by humans amongst them.  I do not know but I would love to find out.  To the depths of the forest and beyond, I think it is the tracker within me that would love to really go deep within the forest.

We are a lot like trees.  They first started off as a bud.  That bud had roots.  Now the roots are a major part of the trees existence.  Just like human beings we have roots.  The roots are how we first started off in this world.  Many people have or had very unhealthy roots.  The trees can let go of those unhealthy roots.  The roots can die off and and new ones come in.   Any tree can have a better chance of survival.  So can humans.  It is all about wanting to be here and be a part of a better world.  The tree has to do its own work just as a human does.  Trees decide what their own experience will be in this world, just like us.  If not, they can allow disease to take over it and know that eventually they will die.  Not all humans have figured out that they have control over their bodies, emotions, feelings, and of their actions.  They then wonder why they may have a disease.  I believe that disease of any sort has to do with the person’s belief system at a deep level.  They somehow feel that it isn’t safe for them to be in the world.  At some level they may think that life is just to hard to exist.  All in all being in this world is a choice.

A trees healthy trunk represents the way it views itself in this world.  Strong. Worthy. Deserving. Survivor. Beautiful.  Belonging.  A member.  Unique.  Remarkable.  Sturdy. LOVE.  You see it in the outcome of the branches.  To me the branches represent the many experiences it has encountered throughout its life span.  We are like that tree.  We all have experienced good, bad, and maybe some ugly.  Emotions of strength and courage remain in those branches.  Especially if the branches are big, strong and sturdy.  The leaves are the life lessons from which the tree has grown from.  It has changed, transformed, and transitioned throughout all kinds of weather, seasons, events, and changes made by humans.  Yet, every fall it lets it ALL go.   The leaves fall freely to the ground.  It is like the tree acknowledges that it must let it go.  No matter the emotions that it has when doing so.  I believe the tree feels.  I like to think it says thank you and blessings to all that it gave and experienced with giving birth to the leaves.  It knows that it must be done in order for it to continue to grow.  Losing the leaves is for its highest and best good so new experiences can come in.  A new process begins.  We are the same.  We must be stronger with moving forward from what we once knew.  Not remain in a painful experience.  It is time to give yourself permission to finally let the past GO.  Once and for all.  Be done with it already.

I recommend that you use this energetic time of mercury being in retrograde to do you final review of your life.  What no longer serves you for your highest good.  Decide to finally be FREE.  I know I AM.  I AM as strong as a TREE:)

Blessings to you,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio Host

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