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Out with 2014 and in with 2015!

In our first live show of 2015, we talked about what 2014 brought to the table.  It was a year of release, release and release yet again.  2014 was like the year of everyone shedding their old snake skin so that we could start 2015 free, fresh and new.  We definitely were prompted (harshly at times) to get rid of all that didn’t serve us anymore.   If you didn’t get rid of what you were supposed to, it hit you hard the first of the year!   Lots of people were reporting physical illness, crying fits, emotional fits and more and they were all related to the old stories they didn’t change!  January 2015 is all about activating what you want your life to look like so get into action and leave the old behind!!

Here is the link to show if you missed it:

We also did one question readings for listeners!

Love and light to all!


One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

What a great show we had!  Thank you to all the listeners who called in and apologies to the ones we couldn’t get to.  Maybe we have to go to a 2 hour show!

If you missed the show or want to hear the replay or re-listen to your question and answer, here is the link:

One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy New Year!  We will catch you in January!

Love and light,



Looking for an answer?

Join us tonight at 7pm CST for our last reading show of the year!

Listeners can:

  1. Call in to (347) 327-9360
  2. Log in to the chat room while listening on your computer
  3. Send an email to prior to the show


Contact info:

Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136

Marie Langlie 651-303-0555

We’d love to hear from you!

Love and light,


Phone in Friday:) 09/13/13

Phone in friday was a success, just as it is every friday:)  We are very blessed to have listeners who trust us:)  I know that I am very blessed with the ability to provide a service that helps others.  I am pretty sure that Marie feels the same way.  I would love to take this time to say thank you to everyone who called in today and who asked a question.  I hope that you found comfort in the information that was given to you and received peace of mind in the process.

We created the phone in friday because Source said it was needed.  I have always felt privleged with people disclosing their personal information to me.  I LOVE being able to help others help themselves.  The information that Marie and I receive to give to the caller is to assist you in moving forward in your life.  Our goal is not about creating dependency.  We are not here to tell you what to do with your life.  We receive information from your guides and others to deliver it to you.  It is then up to you to discipher and discern if the information is what you should be acting upon.  It is not about blindly trusting.

We welcome our callers to call in and keep us updated with the information that we give to them.  It is nice to know how things are going.  We want to create a community that others feel good in, uplifted, and positive about.  We are all in this together and we need to help each other out when we can, if we can.

So,  on that note I wish you well.  I wish you light.  Above all else keep shing your LIGHT!!!

We send you all the love and light in the world,

Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie ~3

Phone in Friday 09/06/13

Phone in Friday with Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie was a success!  We had a variety of people who called in and asked a question either about love, career, moving, money, or relationships.  There were callers who talked about their success in moving through the energies with ease and grace. 

It is wonderful to hear feedback from our callers, especially when they are able to be really positive and talk about their experiences in how they are managing, what they have to offer for suggestions for others, and keen insight on their intake of what is going on energetically.  Their positive insight is to share with others to instill the hope that all is well, even if it does not feel like it at times.  It is a reminder that we are all going through it together.

IT~ being the shifting, changing, releasing, letting go, transitioning, as we go through this TRANSFORMATION.  This transformation is in layers.  It is easy and graceful some days, and on other day’s not so easy.  The important thing is to go through your life with humor.  Laugh as much as possible. Love unconditionally!  Accept others for who they are as much as you can.  Enjoy your LIFE!  Be happy!  Stay grounded and balanced!  Live you life to the fullest.  It is about experiencing life to the fullest extent.  Everything is an experience and a lesson.  Have FUN with it!

Remember that you are LOVED!  You are LOVE!  So LOVE as MUCH as YOU can:)

This episode is brought to you by Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie of Divine Goddess Radio on blog talk.

Beth is an Intuitive Clairvoyant reader, healer, teacher, and Host!  Marie is an Intuitive reader and realtor, and Host!

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We send each and everyone one of you Love and Light,

Beth and Marie

click onto the link below to listen to Friday’s episode

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Phone in Friday 7/26/13

Our phone in Friday was a great success!  We had callers who asked a variety of questions about relationships, money, law suits, and lost items.  We had so much fun with the questions asked. 

Here is a perfect example of;  ask for what you want and be open to receiving.  I was given the information that we were to do a third show on the radio.  We both had some hesitation and reservation about having a third show but we acted on it,  right away.  Today was our second time of doing the phone in Friday show.   I think it is safe to say that I had some reservation about it.  As I was driving to meet with Marie (host), I was told by my guides that we need to keep doing the show because others really need it.  Marie and I started the show and we always have topics to share with everyone,  I then began to think about will we have callers for today?  As soon as I had that thought “BAM,” we had callers with questions on the line.  That was my validation that we need to follow through with our phone in Friday.   

Our goal is not to tell others what you need to do but to help with guidance, to give some clarity for those who are open to receiving it.  Since we channel information from a higher plane and the guides of those that we tune in with, it makes it easier to assist others on their spiritual journey.

The goal is to provide a place where others feel safe to ask questions and talk about what areas they need help in.  Today I think we met our goal:)

Marie and I want to say thank you to all of our listeners and supporters of the Divine Goddess Radio blog talk show.

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Just a little reminder for you, remember that you are a BRIGHT LIGHT, even when you don’t feel like you are.  Shine your light because YOU ARE a bright shining star!

We send each and everyone one of you love and light,

Beth and Marie

Divine Goddess Radio Hosts

Phone in Friday! July 10,13

Today’s show was phone in Friday!  You can call in and talk ask any questions you might have dealing with your awakening process, if you feel like you are behind, or how you are handling and maneuvering throughout the ever changing increases of the energies in the world.  If you have feedback to offer others please call in and let’s talk about it.  If you need some reassurance, validation, verification, or find out that NO you are NOT going crazy, call us and call in on Friday:)

This show is sponsored by:  Intuitive clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, intuitive healer Beth Jacobson, contact her at 651-900-4136 for an individual intuitive or healing session, visit

If you are looking to sell or buy your home, or would like to experience an intuitive reading contact Marie Langlie at 651-303-0555.

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We send you Love and Light and Peace along your Journey,

Beth and Marie

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