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Empowerment Hour 1/8/15

We’re back with our business coach, Deanna Fjelsted, sharing our journey as we grow our business.  The purpose for this show is to share our experiences as we learn how to successfully grow a business and help anyone out there who is starting or expanding their business.  Tonight we talked about some of the frustrations involved especially if you don’t have a business background and have never started a business before.  One of the frustrating items is not knowing for certain how long it takes before your business is successful and profitable.  As Beth said, there’s no manual to follow!

When you first start a business, your first instinct is jump into marketing to get the word out and then you’re waiting and waiting and wondering why you’re not an instant success.  It’s that easy, right?  Yeah, no….

Deanna pointed out that you have to first know who you are as a business-who are you targeting as your clientele?  She suggests following, in order,  the 4 M’s:  Mindset, Motivation, Message and Marketing.

To hear more, click on the link below:

We will be continuing on this show the first Thursday of each month so follow along and hopefully we can help you too!

Love and light,


Out with 2014 and in with 2015!

In our first live show of 2015, we talked about what 2014 brought to the table.  It was a year of release, release and release yet again.  2014 was like the year of everyone shedding their old snake skin so that we could start 2015 free, fresh and new.  We definitely were prompted (harshly at times) to get rid of all that didn’t serve us anymore.   If you didn’t get rid of what you were supposed to, it hit you hard the first of the year!   Lots of people were reporting physical illness, crying fits, emotional fits and more and they were all related to the old stories they didn’t change!  January 2015 is all about activating what you want your life to look like so get into action and leave the old behind!!

Here is the link to show if you missed it:

We also did one question readings for listeners!

Love and light to all!


Happy New Year!

Hope 2015 is starting out awesome for you!

We are back with live shows starting tonight at 7pm CST!  On our show tonight, we will recap 2014 and talk about what to expect in this year.  Plus, we will be doing one question readings!

Here is our schedule for January:

January 6th 7pm CST: Out with 2014 and in with 2015!
We will recap 2014 and talk about what to expect in 2015,plus we will be doing one question readings.

January 8th 8pm CST: Empowerment Hour
Follow our journey as we build our business and get advice from our business coach, Deanna Fjelsted. These tips can help you too!

January 20th 7pm CST:  What does Spirit Want You to Know? with guest speaker, Shirley Moore

January 27th 7pm CST: Discover 4 Simple Ways to Get Unstuck and Live a Life You Love with guest speaker, Connie Hertz

Follow and listen to these shows and podcasts at:

Love and light!


One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

What a great show we had!  Thank you to all the listeners who called in and apologies to the ones we couldn’t get to.  Maybe we have to go to a 2 hour show!

If you missed the show or want to hear the replay or re-listen to your question and answer, here is the link:

One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy New Year!  We will catch you in January!

Love and light,



Looking for an answer?

Join us tonight at 7pm CST for our last reading show of the year!

Listeners can:

  1. Call in to (347) 327-9360
  2. Log in to the chat room while listening on your computer
  3. Send an email to prior to the show


Contact info:

Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136

Marie Langlie 651-303-0555

We’d love to hear from you!

Love and light,


Recovering Inner Peace with Joan Steffend Brandmeier 12/02 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

What does it take to bring peace to yourself and the world?  The answer is so simple!  Our guest for this episode was Joan Steffend Brandmeier.  Joan has spent almost thirty years in the media, first as a national Emmy-winning news reporter/anchor at the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St Paul, and then as a top-rated host on HGTV (Decorating Cents, White House Christmas, Dream Home Specials). She has appeared on Oprah, Live with Regis and Kelly and the Today show.Today, she is a published author. Her first book, “… and she sparkled” was published in 2010 and “peace in peace out” in 2012.  She started Peace Begins With Me (a small BIG peace project).

Listen in and learn how you can help bring about peace!

Recovering Inner Peace with Joan Steffend Brandmeier 12/02 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

Love and light,


What are the 9 Critical Things Business Owners Need to Know BlogTalk Radio Show 9/23/2014

Our guest for this show was Deanna Fjelsted, the owner of Soul Purpose and a Certified Life and Business Coach. Several years ago, after building a very successful business with a start-up division at a local bank, she knew her soul longed for more. She decided to go back to school to pursue her passion. After earning her certifications in NLP HNLP and Hypnotherapy she eventually started her business. At the time, she thought she had all the necessary tools to start and run a successful business. But instead, nearly lost everything. After walking away from it for a while, Deanna knew she had to go back and figure out what went wrong. What she discovered became her book “Follow Your Purpose, A Guide for Laying a Strong Business Foundation”.

Deanna outlined critical steps that every business owner must know. They seem easy when you listen to them but they are needed when examining your business, especially if you are not achieving the results you would like.

Listen in to the show:

Take your business to the next level!

Love and light,


Need some guidance?

On our show, Divine Goddess Radio, we offer one question readings on Tuesdays at 7pm CST. You can call in and ask a question and we will respond with whatever spirit wants you to know. Sometimes, the answer can be unexpected!

The link for out showpage is

Check out our page for past podcasts! We have many past shows where we talk with guests on a variety of spiritual topics.

See you on the air!

Marie Langlie

One Question Readings BlogTalk Radio Show May 20, 2014

Great show tonight with guest Susan Underwood!  Susan is an angel reader and brought messages from the angels for listeners. 

While we were doing the show, a piece of paper fell on my feet under my desk and it was a mantra that I had written down quite awhile ago and I was guided to share it.  30 minutes before bed, repeat this mantra 21 times and do it for 30 days.  Here it is:

I am one with God

I am Love

I am Wealth

I am Abundance

I am Perfect Health

Susan and I will be doing this for the next 30 days.  Try it and let us know what changes in your life!

If you missed the show live, here is the link to the podcast:

Sending love and light!


Hello all!

Are you easing through the Scorpio Full Moon?  Energies are intense! 

We had our show on Tuesday and answered listener’s questions.  Kellie Haehnel was our guest reader.
If you missed the show, here is the link!

This episode is brought to you by:

Wellness4 U Psychic Expo

Sunday, May 18th 10am-4pm

4923 Stewart Ave, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Public is welcome

Wesak Event following 5-6:30pm by donation

Our next show is our Phone In Friday show on Friday at 3pm.  You can call in and ask one question and we will do the reading for you on air.  If you can’t call in, you can type a question in the chat room or email us before the show.

To hear any of our past shows, go to and you can click on any archived show to listen to or download.

Love and light to you all!

Divine Goddess Radio

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