It is time to SHINE your Light! 02/18/15

It is time to shine your light!  No more hiding who you are.  Sit and meditate with this.  Ask yourself, is what I am currently doing with my life for my highest and best good?  How do you feel when you ask yourself that question?  What will it take to move forward with ease and grace?  Keep in check with how you are doing and how it is going?  Periodically ask yourself these questions.  Now is the time to really look at situations in your life and relationships.  Are you doing what you love or are you doing something to make someone else happy?  You need to ask yourself what are you being loyal to?  Are you being loyal to someone for fear of hurting their feelings?  Are you being honest first and foremost with yourself?  Be loyal to yourself first.  When you are making your daily decisions, do they come from your heart or your head?  It is important to know where that motive is coming from.

If you are not being loyal to yourself, it can sooner than later create resentment.  That resentment can present itself in some pretty icky ways.  You can find yourself having irrational thoughts.  You may question your existence.  You can project unhealthy judgments unto the person you completely gave your loyalty to, without even realizing that is what you were doing.  All because you were not asking yourself the above questions.  A simple check in with your soul.

So what if you find yourself relating to this write up, right now.  Are you asking yourself how do I change it then?  First, call someone that you know and trust that will hold that space for you to process your stuff.  It is so important to say how you are feeling out loud.  Do it positively.  Do it respectfully.  No judgment.  As you find yourself sharing your experience out loud.  Pay attention to your words.  Be mindful of what you are saying.  Catch yourself on the choice of words you are using.  Finally, ask yourself what do I need to do to change it?  Listen.  Patiently wait for the answer.  Now shift your thoughts.

Live your life with JOY!  Do everything from a heart felt space.  If it is not heart felt.  Do not do it then!!!  Honor yourself with saying NO if something does not trip your trigger.  Life is short.  You are living it for you, not someone else.  Remember we are ALL here to be of service.  Decide how you want to do that.  Ask yourself the question,  is this for my highest and best good?  NOW JUST DO IT!


Love, blessings, and more light sent your way,


Young Living Essential Oils Member Educator and Spiritual Teacher

email: or call 651-900-4136  and type in 2105859

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