What One Word Describes You? 02/23/15

This past weekend on face book someone posted a question that I found interesting.  I ended up forwarding it onto my timeline.  I was curious to see what the responses would be.  So far I have had over 50+ responses.  They range from people thinking that they are awesome, fantastic, spectacular, a journey, broken, enlightened, empowered, evolved, intense, layered, and so much more.  Everyone responded in and at the level that they interpreted the question at.  I was amazed at how fast people where are board to answer it.  People are craving a sense of community.  The past weekend had a huge energetic opening of new energy that came in.  It was spectacular higher frequency and vibrancy energies that we were given.  Some people were unaware of what happened.  No matter what, I guarantee you were effected by it. There were many people of all ages that were sick with flu and cold like symptoms.  Our physical bodies are ridding itself of the old stories within the DNA.  If you could see what was going on and if you can, there is still a lot going on energetically.  Do not be worried if you are asking yourself what is happening.  Every single one of us is going through the ascension process.

If you are doing your work on a conscious level it is becoming so much more easier.  If you are running away and not dealing with or looking at what is being presented to you, then you may find yourself struggling.  You may possibly be running into roadblock after roadblock.  Hopefully you are finally at a point in your life that you are starting to ask yourself, “what the heck is going on?”  The next step is to start asking yourself, “what do I need to start doing in my life to get on track?”  What is the next step for my highest and best good?  Now be quiet enough to hear the response.  You can talk to a trusted person in your life, journal, talk into a recorder, look into a mirror and stare at yourself in the eyes, paint, draw, meditate, and be outside in nature.  Your messages are all around you.

If you see, hear, or intuitively are guided to something three times, consider that a message.  A person says something profound as you are eating lunch at a popular restaurant, you then are watching television and the commercial says something prominent and catches your attention to the same words (subject),or similar to the restaurant that jumped out at you, and then you receive a phone call from someone who is talking about the subject that is prominent in your life at the moment.  That is the universe engaging in conversation with you.  They just want you to slow down and be still.  To listen.  So are you doing that right now in your life?  Or are you moving a thousand miles an hour?  What’s it going to take to get your attention?  health issues?  car accident? loss of loved one?  Losing your job?

It is time to STOP!  Be STILL!  LISTEN!  It is time for you to connect with God, Creator, Source, or Spirit!  Enough is enough!  No more running away.  You came here to be BIGGER!  It is time to step into your Soul Purpose.  Be of service for others and Source.  You are not here just for yourself.  It is about relationships.  Now is the time to take a look at them.

So right here right now I am asking you to WAKE up and ask yourself that one simple questions and answer it with one word.  Use one word to describe yourself right now.  That will let you know where you are in your space right in this moment.  Know that you are part of something greater than the experience you are having right now:)

I send a Rainbow of glitter, Golden Light, and Unconditional Love to All of You.

Blessing to you on your Journey:)

Beth Jacobson

World Renowned Speaker and Energetic Alchemist

Divine Goddess Radio



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