Introduction to Tarot with Jennifer Thompson BlogTalk Radio Show 10/7/2014

We had a fabulous show last night! Our guest was Jennifer Thompson, a clairvoyant and clairaudient from birth who was drawn to tarot at a very young age. She was born to a family that raised her with spiritualism and metaphysics as a guided understanding of life energy. She connects to God Source, angels, guides and deceased loved ones through the use of Clairvoyance, Tarot and a Pendulum. She is a professional certified tarot reader through the Tarot Certification Board of America since 2008 and member of Best Minnesota Psychic’s since March 2014.

Jennifer shared her knowledge of tarot with us and explained what tarot is, what the cards represent and the spreads that she uses. She also did some fantastic readings for listeners. We had so many callers and listeners in the chat room and couldn’t get to them all! We will have her back November 11th so mark your calendars!

Catch the podcast here:

Did you catch the awesome blood moon and lunar eclipse?


Love and light!


What are the 9 Critical Things Business Owners Need to Know BlogTalk Radio Show 9/23/2014

Our guest for this show was Deanna Fjelsted, the owner of Soul Purpose and a Certified Life and Business Coach. Several years ago, after building a very successful business with a start-up division at a local bank, she knew her soul longed for more. She decided to go back to school to pursue her passion. After earning her certifications in NLP HNLP and Hypnotherapy she eventually started her business. At the time, she thought she had all the necessary tools to start and run a successful business. But instead, nearly lost everything. After walking away from it for a while, Deanna knew she had to go back and figure out what went wrong. What she discovered became her book “Follow Your Purpose, A Guide for Laying a Strong Business Foundation”.

Deanna outlined critical steps that every business owner must know. They seem easy when you listen to them but they are needed when examining your business, especially if you are not achieving the results you would like.

Listen in to the show:

Take your business to the next level!

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On our show, Divine Goddess Radio, we offer one question readings on Tuesdays at 7pm CST. You can call in and ask a question and we will respond with whatever spirit wants you to know. Sometimes, the answer can be unexpected!

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Marie Langlie

Healing with Reiki 09/02 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Our speaker discussed the benefits of receiving the healing modality of Reiki.  She grew up with being exposed to polio and talks about how tapping into the universal energy that anyone can access helped her.  Listen to the podcast and hear what she has to tell you.  It is an AMAZING story!


Healing with Reiki 09/02 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

Mandala Art

Mandala is sangria for circle. It has one identifiable center point. My artwork emanates a variety of sacred geometry, symbols, shapes, and forms. Each symbol carries a different energy that assists you in opening up more to your Soul Purpose.

use one or more together during meditation, or simply as a beautiful peace of artwork in your home or office space. Change the energy in your space from tension to peace.

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Are YOU Ready for the Next Step in Your Business? 09/20/14

The Divine Goddess Radio show is offering a fantastic business opportunity for those of you who are ready and wanting to take your business to the next level.  Have you ever thought about having your OWN blog talk radio show before?  Are you unsure of what to do?  Does it overwhelm you just thinking about it?  Well Divine Goddess Radio is now known and listened to nationally and internationally.  We have laid down the ground work for you.  If you have a plat form for a show and are ready to put yourself out there.  Give us an email saying that you are interested and would like to talk some more with us~ Beth and Marie about the details.

The show would need to be spiritually based and about helping others.  It would need approval from Beth and Marie before doing it.  You would sign a 3 month contract.  We do the advertising and operate the phones for you.  All you have to do is call in and do all the talking:)  If this sounds like something you want to get involved in we are excited to work with you:)

Sending you light as you walk throughout your journey,

Beth Jacobson

Spiritual Counselor mentoring your Soul


Past Life Time Regression with Shirley Moore 08/19/14

On our show we had the fabulous Shirley Moore as our guest speaker. Shirley spoke about past life time regression. She led us on a wonderful visual imagery meditation to where we went in and saw a past life time of ours. She talked about how our right brain allows us to go in and look at things (life times) at a deeper level, and how our left part of our brain can cause distraction but when you can get the two to work together wonderful results can be experienced.

She is a certified hypnotist and practices many other modalities when she coaches you. She has many years of experience behind her, and brings her gifts and abilities into her sessions as she works with you.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Shirley please go to her website at

When you listen to this episode with Shirley please do not be driving in your car. This meditation is for you to listen to when in a comfortable position sitting, or lying down.

Do not listen to this if you are in a hurry. Take your time and EXPERIENCE:)


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Now is the time to host a class. For those of you who are just starting to look at life differently and wondering what in the world is going on out there. We have a fabulous Trusting Your Intuition class:) There are a variety of other classes to choose from as well.

We appreciate your support by listening to our show. If you would love to be an investor, sponsor, advertiser, or donate to our show please email us.

Sending you love and light,
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How Do You Manifest? 08/13/14

How do you manifest?  What are you doing to manifest what you desire?  Are you finding it easy or not so easy?  Are you getting frustrated because others do it with ease?  Do you feel like you are doing something wrong?  I am the first one to say that you are not doing anything wrong.  We all came into this world with different programs.   Some of us might have a little more to clean up than others.  That does not mean that we are being punished.  We just might have to really go deep within and really look at what our belief systems are.  Are we positive in our thoughts?  Do you find yourself in poverty or lack of thinking?  I know I do.  I have my fantastic days to where I feel like I am making leaps forward, and then we have another burst of energy coming in with the full moons, new moons, mercury retrograde, etc, etc.  Then I find myself going backwards and I become frustrated and maybe even to the point of wanting to just give up completely.  Every time I go backwards and become frustrated I end up wiping out the good that is about to happen to me.  The goal is to remain as positive as possible about what you want and being grateful for everything you have and experience.  Lord knows I have definitely found out just how strong and courageous I am.  I would be ever so grateful for a vacation of having to have those experiences for awhile.

This is what I am going to really be mindful in practicing for right now, and see how it goes for me.  Try it with me and let me know how you are doing with it. 

The Law of Attraction is about being very clear on what you want.

You attract more of what you are thinking about.  Your thoughts really do become your reality.


Now really visualize it:)  See it:)  Feel it:)  What does it look like?

Again be POSITIVE in doing it:)

Be in gratitude when thinking about it:)

Be consistent in thinking about it, visualizing it, feeling it:)

Remember to practice it every day:) 

Have it become a good habit.  Install it in your brain, your mind.

You will then experience positive results:)

Remember not to have an expectation, or a date of time when it will happen:)

Good Luck:0)


One Question Reading shows

Our One Question Reading shows on Tuesday nights at 7pm CST are a great way for listeners to call in and get guidance psychically on a question related to their love life, relationship, job or money (these are the typical issues). Beth and I give our answer as our guides channel through the information. Sometimes it’s not what the listener wants to hear, but we only repeat the information we are given. Any one can listen to the archives of the show because any question asked can pertain to the anyone listening and the information may just hit home for you!

Out latest episode is archived and can be heard at:

We have many episodes on demand and they can be downloaded or listened to on your browser and we have featured many guests who speak on a variety of topics as do Beth and I.

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What Do You Wish To Create in Your Life? 08/07/14

What do you wish to do differently in your life?  What would you love to experience, if you could experience anything you wanted?  What would it be?  We are all so conditioned in our life, personally, socially, professionally, and as a humanity.  Many of us believe that our life has to be the way it is, even when it stinks.  We think that we are being punished by god, or some other source because of choices that we have made in our past.  Even if our past was just a second ago.  Did you know you can do things differently?  What if you were to take full accountability and responsibility for ALL of your life?  What if you started being conscious (aware) of decisions you are making in your life, now?  What if you did it differently today!  What would you do?           

All of humanity is in unprecedented territory right now, energetically.  There are amazing things going on out there on all levels, planes, dimensions, etc, etc…There are still people out there sound asleep and unaware of what is going on, energetically.  Many are walking aimlessly in their life not knowing what is going on and what to do differently.  I hear more people asking and saying, “is this all there is?”  “this is my life…… seriously?”  I also hear so many people saying that they are so tired and just cannot do “IT” anymore.  It is very interesting being witness to choices that many are making.  One minute, a loved one is in our life perfectly healthy as far as we know.  The next  minute, we are receiving a phone call, or seeing on the news how fast many are leaving this world (physical death).  The energy is very intense and will continue to be so, as the earth purges.

Between the full moons, new moons, solar flares, and mercury retrogrades our physical bodies are on over load.  Everything that our body goes through first has to be released on many layers, especially the mental body and space.  That doggone mental body where our crazy thoughts are stored, stuck, stale, and stagnant can be a big deal when we are going through major releasing.  It can at times feel like the bipolar express! 

We have a beautiful gentle, creative, sensual, feminine energy that is here with us.  She continues to deepen within and around us that we have long forgotten about.  It is the beautiful divine feminine energy.  It existed long ago, before the third century.  It has never existed to the extent of that which it is becoming here before  on the earth plane. We experienced it to some degree during our Atlantic life time, as well as Lemurian life time.  Still not to the extent of NOW. 

For the first time in our lives we are co-creators of our very own life.  I find that exciting as well as a little intimidating.  Heck, I have no idea what I want…other than the basic things…food, clothes, shelter, and money. 

What I thought I wanted before is now changing.  My soul is saying lets do more!  However, I still do not have a clear picture of what MORE means.  At least not right at this minute.  I know this is my last life time.  I hear it loud and clear with my soul.  She is very tired, as I am:)  We ALL are!

So I am exactly right where the rest of you are.  What’s next?  What is my heart and soul’s desires?

Thank you for reading this post.  You came upon it for a reason.  I wish you well:)  I wish you luck.  If you are feeling drawn to working with me, you can contact me through  My name is Beth Jacobson.  I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor and T,eacher, Reiki Master Instructor, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Light Language Facilitator.  You can also call me to set up an appointment at 651-900-4136.

Tune in and listen to divine goddess radio on blog talk.  I am on every Tuesday from 7-8 pm cst.

I wish you health, wealth, vitality, and well being!


Beth Jacobson

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