Are YOU Ready for the Greatest Life Ever? 01/30/15

Are you ready for the greatest life ever?  The full moon is this weekend.  It is the perfect opportunity to let go of the residual side affects of your past.  Finally, FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!  You have to be willing to let go of the past stories.  Stop playing victim.  Let go of lack of worth.  You are DONE with doubt.  Stop kidding yourself that you are lost.  You know what you need to do already.  Put on your BIG GIRL/BOY pants and start doing what you LOVE to DO!  It is time to live your life with passion.  Passion is in your heart folks, no where else but within your heart!

It is a NOW or never kind of thing.  The Universe is not going to wait for you to get your act together.  We are ONE consciousness!  This CONSCIOUSNESS is raising the bar, daily.  The dark is not winning.  It is a NEW dawning in the making.  What role do you want to play?  The universe is going to start making you choose.  If you do not make better choices there will be consequences to pay.  How big do they need to get before you finally decide to start looking at your life choices differently?

YES, YOU are worthy of having the best in your life:)  We are here to support one another on our journey.  So it is TIME to STEP up.  DO YOUR OWN work already!  Become more aware of others beside yourself.  We are all in this together.  Become more energetically aware of what your thoughts are.  If they are negative guess what?  Change them!!!!!

IMAGINE what would your BEST LIFE be like?  Look like?  Feel like?  YOU CAN have it!  Talk to others who are happy and joyful.  Ask what they are doing.  See if they can advise you on what your first step could be.  Observe others.  Step outside of your fear.  Go on a hot air balloon ride.  Swim with the whales.  Open that store that sells silly hats.  Stop saying NO to what the universe is presenting to you.  Just do it.  Have fun!


Sending you Blessings,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio

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Hang On 01/28/15

Have you been experiencing headaches the past couple of days?  Maybe even migraines?  There is so much going on in the world.  Energies out in the universe are going crazy with shifting and transforming.  It is just a reminder to stay positive.  Be in Joy!  Look for inspiration or be inspiring for others who are having difficulty.  Be of service!  Do only things that come from your HEART:)  Do not do anything that you feel obligated to do, besides work.  I mean, do the things that you LOVE and are happy when doing it.  They are many souls transitioning out of this physical world right now.  They are tired and mislead.  We can help them by staying in a place of TRUST not worry or fear.  Hold a sacred space of LOVE for everyone, including yourself.  The world needs it right now:)

If you are someone who is struggling and in a state of fear, go outside.  Stand on the grass.  Hug a tree.  Call someone who you can trust and is positive.  Choose not to hold onto chaos and drama.  It is a choice.  What do you choose!

We have a full moon coming up in the beginning of February.  Look at what no longer serves you.  That includes all the good. bad. and ugly experiences you had.  STOP feeling sorry for yourself.  It is time to be done with the old crap. stories, and all that you refuse to hold onto.  You are NOT a victim unless you choose to be.  Be the VICTOR!!!!  Choose to WIN:)

I write this little blurp for you with love and light,

Beth Jacobson

4-Simple Ways To Get Unstuck 01/28/15

The lovely Connie Hertz was our guest speaker on Divine Goddess Radio this Tuesday.  She is a certified Dream Coach.  Connie helps you reach your dreams.  Do you feel stuck?  Are you a procrastinator like me?  She has a blueprint when working with you that breaks down the steps to achieve your goals.  M.O.V.E is an acronym that she uses in her work.  It represents movement. ownership, verbalizing your responsibility, and expanding yourself spiritually.  A gratitude journal documents all that you are grateful for.  As you recognize and acknowledge your success, it continues to motivate you to move forward on your path.  Your path of purpose.  Discipline allows you to focus and take deep breaths.  To remain and be in the present moment.  It reminds you of your goal.  Meditation and motivation help you along your way.  Those tools can help you focus more and gain better clarity.  Positive affirmations keep you in a heart centered space.  As you stay in a heart centered space~ you can bring in more Joy, Love and Appreciation.

Connie can help you with gaining understanding of what you are here to do in your life.  She can give you a different perspective.  Connie will remind you that patience with others is Love!  Patience with self is Hope!  Patience with Creator is FAITH!

If you do not know how to DREAM she will work with you on how to do it.  She Inspires others:)  Connie will assist you in addressing your doubter.  The naysayer within you.  You will learn how to have a conversation with it.

Are you ready to move forward?  Contact Connie Hertz at

Please listen to her episode just by clicking onto the link below.

Sending Blessing to you all,

Beth Jacobson

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Sacred Toning with Neil 01/20/15

On our show tonight we had a fabulous guest who joined us at the last minute.  His name is Neil Froeming.  He has a wonderful gift of toning.  Neil was kind enough to help us out when our original guest was unable to join us.  When we first started talking to Neil he discussed his near death experiences.  Those experiences triggered his sacred toning and healing gifts within.  It was a process.  He did not realize his gifts until later in life.  He has fascinating stories to tell and share with others.  I highly recommend that you go into and listen to the archived show.  Neil was kind enough to do a sacred toning session with us.  You can go into and listen to his episode at anytime.  The sacred toning will help you whenever you listen to it.

Neil is also a Reiki Energy Healer.  You are able to experience his work in person or remotely.

To set up an appointment with Neil contact him at

Also, go and visit

Blessing to you,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio

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Empowerment Hour 1/8/15

We’re back with our business coach, Deanna Fjelsted, sharing our journey as we grow our business.  The purpose for this show is to share our experiences as we learn how to successfully grow a business and help anyone out there who is starting or expanding their business.  Tonight we talked about some of the frustrations involved especially if you don’t have a business background and have never started a business before.  One of the frustrating items is not knowing for certain how long it takes before your business is successful and profitable.  As Beth said, there’s no manual to follow!

When you first start a business, your first instinct is jump into marketing to get the word out and then you’re waiting and waiting and wondering why you’re not an instant success.  It’s that easy, right?  Yeah, no….

Deanna pointed out that you have to first know who you are as a business-who are you targeting as your clientele?  She suggests following, in order,  the 4 M’s:  Mindset, Motivation, Message and Marketing.

To hear more, click on the link below:

We will be continuing on this show the first Thursday of each month so follow along and hopefully we can help you too!

Love and light,


Out with 2014 and in with 2015!

In our first live show of 2015, we talked about what 2014 brought to the table.  It was a year of release, release and release yet again.  2014 was like the year of everyone shedding their old snake skin so that we could start 2015 free, fresh and new.  We definitely were prompted (harshly at times) to get rid of all that didn’t serve us anymore.   If you didn’t get rid of what you were supposed to, it hit you hard the first of the year!   Lots of people were reporting physical illness, crying fits, emotional fits and more and they were all related to the old stories they didn’t change!  January 2015 is all about activating what you want your life to look like so get into action and leave the old behind!!

Here is the link to show if you missed it:

We also did one question readings for listeners!

Love and light to all!


Happy New Year!

Hope 2015 is starting out awesome for you!

We are back with live shows starting tonight at 7pm CST!  On our show tonight, we will recap 2014 and talk about what to expect in this year.  Plus, we will be doing one question readings!

Here is our schedule for January:

January 6th 7pm CST: Out with 2014 and in with 2015!
We will recap 2014 and talk about what to expect in 2015,plus we will be doing one question readings.

January 8th 8pm CST: Empowerment Hour
Follow our journey as we build our business and get advice from our business coach, Deanna Fjelsted. These tips can help you too!

January 20th 7pm CST:  What does Spirit Want You to Know? with guest speaker, Shirley Moore

January 27th 7pm CST: Discover 4 Simple Ways to Get Unstuck and Live a Life You Love with guest speaker, Connie Hertz

Follow and listen to these shows and podcasts at:

Love and light!


One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

What a great show we had!  Thank you to all the listeners who called in and apologies to the ones we couldn’t get to.  Maybe we have to go to a 2 hour show!

If you missed the show or want to hear the replay or re-listen to your question and answer, here is the link:

One Question Readings 12/09 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and Happy New Year!  We will catch you in January!

Love and light,



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Recovering Inner Peace with Joan Steffend Brandmeier 12/02 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

What does it take to bring peace to yourself and the world?  The answer is so simple!  Our guest for this episode was Joan Steffend Brandmeier.  Joan has spent almost thirty years in the media, first as a national Emmy-winning news reporter/anchor at the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St Paul, and then as a top-rated host on HGTV (Decorating Cents, White House Christmas, Dream Home Specials). She has appeared on Oprah, Live with Regis and Kelly and the Today show.Today, she is a published author. Her first book, “… and she sparkled” was published in 2010 and “peace in peace out” in 2012.  She started Peace Begins With Me (a small BIG peace project).

Listen in and learn how you can help bring about peace!

Recovering Inner Peace with Joan Steffend Brandmeier 12/02 by Divine Goddess Radio | Spirituality Podcasts.

Love and light,


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