Empowerment Hour 02/06/15

On Divine Goddess Radio we had the Empowerment Hour with Deanna Fjelsted.  Deanna is a business coach who is working with the Hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, Marie and Beth.  She joins the hosts the first Thursday of the  month to go over a business strategy.  Marie and Beth have decided to go the next level to make their blog talk radio show a business.  We have decided to air it for our listeners.  Our listeners are able to join us in our progress of moving forward into manifesting our dream.  A dream of being an international platform of hosting a variety of guests speakers.  Speakers with the same dream of bringing more light and love into the world.  The dream to help, guide, and assist others in finding their passion, and living a more heart centered life.  To help others expand more spiritually, and to live from a place of higher consciousness.

I appreciate the fact that Marie and I have been given this gift of an opportunity to work together.  Working together as a team to manifest this wonderful format.  A blog talk radio show, that serves the purpose of helping others live a more authentic life.  If we are a beacon of light, hope, and love to help assist others into shifting into the next phase of their life, oh what a gift that is for us to have.  We share it with you, with love.  We have no expectations. It’s your life.  It’s your journey!  Do what you must to move forward onto your path.  Just get moving:)  We love and appreciate every single one of you.


Contact Deanna Fjelsted with her email:  Deanna@soulpurpose.co or call her at 612-816-8395

Deanna Fjelsted is a Life and Business Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

Contact Beth and Marie at http://www.divinegoddessradio@gmail.com or http://www.divinegoddessradio.com to set up a Divine Goddess party.  We facilitate the gathering in your home, school, community, or corporate setting.  If you host a gathering/party of 10 or more you the host receive a FREE 15 minute reading.  Each individual receives a 15 minute reading for $40.00 by both Beth and Marie.  You can contact Beth at 651-900-4136 or Marie at 651-303-0555.


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