I AM as Strong as a Tree 01/31/15

me in redwood tree, 2011- cool or what

The Redwood trees in California are magnificent.  Look at the size of this gorgeous living breathing essence of life.  Some people say these trees have been around for ten thousand years or more.  Can you imagine?  What they have witnessed?  Humans have done a phenomenal job of destroying the beauty of this world, including the trees.  War I bet is something they unfortunately were forced to be a part of.  Who knows the horrific things they have had to sense, feel, see, breath, and be apart of while they have existed peacefully within this world.  They played so many roles in their life I bet.  These trees are so big that they provided protection, shelter, security, playfulness, food, nourishment, and much more.  You can tell just by looking at the trees that many have honored them.  Gave their life for them.  The energies and spirits that surround them are unbelievable.  You can hear voices of the people that once lived amongst them.  There are orbs everywhere.  What I would do to go deeper within the forest of where these trees exist.  Is there a place untouched by humans amongst them.  I do not know but I would love to find out.  To the depths of the forest and beyond, I think it is the tracker within me that would love to really go deep within the forest.

We are a lot like trees.  They first started off as a bud.  That bud had roots.  Now the roots are a major part of the trees existence.  Just like human beings we have roots.  The roots are how we first started off in this world.  Many people have or had very unhealthy roots.  The trees can let go of those unhealthy roots.  The roots can die off and and new ones come in.   Any tree can have a better chance of survival.  So can humans.  It is all about wanting to be here and be a part of a better world.  The tree has to do its own work just as a human does.  Trees decide what their own experience will be in this world, just like us.  If not, they can allow disease to take over it and know that eventually they will die.  Not all humans have figured out that they have control over their bodies, emotions, feelings, and of their actions.  They then wonder why they may have a disease.  I believe that disease of any sort has to do with the person’s belief system at a deep level.  They somehow feel that it isn’t safe for them to be in the world.  At some level they may think that life is just to hard to exist.  All in all being in this world is a choice.

A trees healthy trunk represents the way it views itself in this world.  Strong. Worthy. Deserving. Survivor. Beautiful.  Belonging.  A member.  Unique.  Remarkable.  Sturdy. LOVE.  You see it in the outcome of the branches.  To me the branches represent the many experiences it has encountered throughout its life span.  We are like that tree.  We all have experienced good, bad, and maybe some ugly.  Emotions of strength and courage remain in those branches.  Especially if the branches are big, strong and sturdy.  The leaves are the life lessons from which the tree has grown from.  It has changed, transformed, and transitioned throughout all kinds of weather, seasons, events, and changes made by humans.  Yet, every fall it lets it ALL go.   The leaves fall freely to the ground.  It is like the tree acknowledges that it must let it go.  No matter the emotions that it has when doing so.  I believe the tree feels.  I like to think it says thank you and blessings to all that it gave and experienced with giving birth to the leaves.  It knows that it must be done in order for it to continue to grow.  Losing the leaves is for its highest and best good so new experiences can come in.  A new process begins.  We are the same.  We must be stronger with moving forward from what we once knew.  Not remain in a painful experience.  It is time to give yourself permission to finally let the past GO.  Once and for all.  Be done with it already.

I recommend that you use this energetic time of mercury being in retrograde to do you final review of your life.  What no longer serves you for your highest good.  Decide to finally be FREE.  I know I AM.  I AM as strong as a TREE:)

Blessings to you,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio Host





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  1. Nice, Beth! I especially resonated with the part about the falling leaves…powerful ❤


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