Are YOU Ready for the Greatest Life Ever? 01/30/15

Are you ready for the greatest life ever?  The full moon is this weekend.  It is the perfect opportunity to let go of the residual side affects of your past.  Finally, FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!  You have to be willing to let go of the past stories.  Stop playing victim.  Let go of lack of worth.  You are DONE with doubt.  Stop kidding yourself that you are lost.  You know what you need to do already.  Put on your BIG GIRL/BOY pants and start doing what you LOVE to DO!  It is time to live your life with passion.  Passion is in your heart folks, no where else but within your heart!

It is a NOW or never kind of thing.  The Universe is not going to wait for you to get your act together.  We are ONE consciousness!  This CONSCIOUSNESS is raising the bar, daily.  The dark is not winning.  It is a NEW dawning in the making.  What role do you want to play?  The universe is going to start making you choose.  If you do not make better choices there will be consequences to pay.  How big do they need to get before you finally decide to start looking at your life choices differently?

YES, YOU are worthy of having the best in your life:)  We are here to support one another on our journey.  So it is TIME to STEP up.  DO YOUR OWN work already!  Become more aware of others beside yourself.  We are all in this together.  Become more energetically aware of what your thoughts are.  If they are negative guess what?  Change them!!!!!

IMAGINE what would your BEST LIFE be like?  Look like?  Feel like?  YOU CAN have it!  Talk to others who are happy and joyful.  Ask what they are doing.  See if they can advise you on what your first step could be.  Observe others.  Step outside of your fear.  Go on a hot air balloon ride.  Swim with the whales.  Open that store that sells silly hats.  Stop saying NO to what the universe is presenting to you.  Just do it.  Have fun!


Sending you Blessings,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio

Ready to move forward and live your life with purpose?  Contact Beth and Marie to assist you in doing that.  We will participate in parties, corporate events, individual, couple, or group sessions.

Contact email is:

Beth 651-900-4136

Marie 651-303-0555

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