Sacred Toning with Neil 01/20/15

On our show tonight we had a fabulous guest who joined us at the last minute.  His name is Neil Froeming.  He has a wonderful gift of toning.  Neil was kind enough to help us out when our original guest was unable to join us.  When we first started talking to Neil he discussed his near death experiences.  Those experiences triggered his sacred toning and healing gifts within.  It was a process.  He did not realize his gifts until later in life.  He has fascinating stories to tell and share with others.  I highly recommend that you go into and listen to the archived show.  Neil was kind enough to do a sacred toning session with us.  You can go into and listen to his episode at anytime.  The sacred toning will help you whenever you listen to it.

Neil is also a Reiki Energy Healer.  You are able to experience his work in person or remotely.

To set up an appointment with Neil contact him at

Also, go and visit

Blessing to you,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio

To set up individual/couple/corporate parties for Psychic Readings with Beth and Marie contact us at or

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