Hang On 01/28/15

Have you been experiencing headaches the past couple of days?  Maybe even migraines?  There is so much going on in the world.  Energies out in the universe are going crazy with shifting and transforming.  It is just a reminder to stay positive.  Be in Joy!  Look for inspiration or be inspiring for others who are having difficulty.  Be of service!  Do only things that come from your HEART:)  Do not do anything that you feel obligated to do, besides work.  I mean, do the things that you LOVE and are happy when doing it.  They are many souls transitioning out of this physical world right now.  They are tired and mislead.  We can help them by staying in a place of TRUST not worry or fear.  Hold a sacred space of LOVE for everyone, including yourself.  The world needs it right now:)

If you are someone who is struggling and in a state of fear, go outside.  Stand on the grass.  Hug a tree.  Call someone who you can trust and is positive.  Choose not to hold onto chaos and drama.  It is a choice.  What do you choose!

We have a full moon coming up in the beginning of February.  Look at what no longer serves you.  That includes all the good. bad. and ugly experiences you had.  STOP feeling sorry for yourself.  It is time to be done with the old crap. stories, and all that you refuse to hold onto.  You are NOT a victim unless you choose to be.  Be the VICTOR!!!!  Choose to WIN:)

I write this little blurp for you with love and light,

Beth Jacobson

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