4-Simple Ways To Get Unstuck 01/28/15

The lovely Connie Hertz was our guest speaker on Divine Goddess Radio this Tuesday.  She is a certified Dream Coach.  Connie helps you reach your dreams.  Do you feel stuck?  Are you a procrastinator like me?  She has a blueprint when working with you that breaks down the steps to achieve your goals.  M.O.V.E is an acronym that she uses in her work.  It represents movement. ownership, verbalizing your responsibility, and expanding yourself spiritually.  A gratitude journal documents all that you are grateful for.  As you recognize and acknowledge your success, it continues to motivate you to move forward on your path.  Your path of purpose.  Discipline allows you to focus and take deep breaths.  To remain and be in the present moment.  It reminds you of your goal.  Meditation and motivation help you along your way.  Those tools can help you focus more and gain better clarity.  Positive affirmations keep you in a heart centered space.  As you stay in a heart centered space~ you can bring in more Joy, Love and Appreciation.

Connie can help you with gaining understanding of what you are here to do in your life.  She can give you a different perspective.  Connie will remind you that patience with others is Love!  Patience with self is Hope!  Patience with Creator is FAITH!

If you do not know how to DREAM she will work with you on how to do it.  She Inspires others:)  Connie will assist you in addressing your doubter.  The naysayer within you.  You will learn how to have a conversation with it.

Are you ready to move forward?  Contact Connie Hertz at connie@conniehertz.com

Please listen to her episode just by clicking onto the link below.


Sending Blessing to you all,

Beth Jacobson

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