Empowerment Hour 1/8/15

We’re back with our business coach, Deanna Fjelsted, sharing our journey as we grow our business.  The purpose for this show is to share our experiences as we learn how to successfully grow a business and help anyone out there who is starting or expanding their business.  Tonight we talked about some of the frustrations involved especially if you don’t have a business background and have never started a business before.  One of the frustrating items is not knowing for certain how long it takes before your business is successful and profitable.  As Beth said, there’s no manual to follow!

When you first start a business, your first instinct is jump into marketing to get the word out and then you’re waiting and waiting and wondering why you’re not an instant success.  It’s that easy, right?  Yeah, no….

Deanna pointed out that you have to first know who you are as a business-who are you targeting as your clientele?  She suggests following, in order,  the 4 M’s:  Mindset, Motivation, Message and Marketing.

To hear more, click on the link below:


We will be continuing on this show the first Thursday of each month so follow along and hopefully we can help you too!

Love and light,


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