How Do You Manifest? 08/13/14

How do you manifest?  What are you doing to manifest what you desire?  Are you finding it easy or not so easy?  Are you getting frustrated because others do it with ease?  Do you feel like you are doing something wrong?  I am the first one to say that you are not doing anything wrong.  We all came into this world with different programs.   Some of us might have a little more to clean up than others.  That does not mean that we are being punished.  We just might have to really go deep within and really look at what our belief systems are.  Are we positive in our thoughts?  Do you find yourself in poverty or lack of thinking?  I know I do.  I have my fantastic days to where I feel like I am making leaps forward, and then we have another burst of energy coming in with the full moons, new moons, mercury retrograde, etc, etc.  Then I find myself going backwards and I become frustrated and maybe even to the point of wanting to just give up completely.  Every time I go backwards and become frustrated I end up wiping out the good that is about to happen to me.  The goal is to remain as positive as possible about what you want and being grateful for everything you have and experience.  Lord knows I have definitely found out just how strong and courageous I am.  I would be ever so grateful for a vacation of having to have those experiences for awhile.

This is what I am going to really be mindful in practicing for right now, and see how it goes for me.  Try it with me and let me know how you are doing with it. 

The Law of Attraction is about being very clear on what you want.

You attract more of what you are thinking about.  Your thoughts really do become your reality.


Now really visualize it:)  See it:)  Feel it:)  What does it look like?

Again be POSITIVE in doing it:)

Be in gratitude when thinking about it:)

Be consistent in thinking about it, visualizing it, feeling it:)

Remember to practice it every day:) 

Have it become a good habit.  Install it in your brain, your mind.

You will then experience positive results:)

Remember not to have an expectation, or a date of time when it will happen:)

Good Luck:0)



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