What’s Happening Now, Energetically? 08/07/14

Be aware that there is major planetary shifting going on right now.  You are not alone.  We are all going through our own personal trials and tribulations.  It will ease up.  You CAN do it!  It is time for you to reach out to others and talk about your truth.  Recreate your NEW story.  Finally LET GO of all the old.  Remember it is just another layer for you to be free of.  When it surfaces again, do not become discouraged.  It is the Universe seeing if you are walking your talk and really being done with the old.  Whatever the old may be:)  We have a full moon coming up this weekend.  We are finishing up on old business in all relationships and old existences in this world.  We as a whole humanity are coming into a new way of BEing and of existing.  I am not quite sure that it has been determined quite yet.  There are still souls out there trying to decide whether or not they will be staying here on earth in human form, or leaving.

We lost a lot of light workers in June and July.  It is time for everyone to really reach out and connect with others right now who are here to support one another.  Build your support network.  Whether you get together in person, by phone, face book, email, or any other social media.  Do it!  Build your community!   

Divine Goddess Radio has a new sponsor for this month, Kristine Scott.  She is a remarkable intuitive guide and psychic:)  Give her a call and set up an appointment with her today

Kristine Scott
Intuitive Connections
Call 651-346-9646 or email Kristine@lovetruthjoy6@gmail.com for an appointment
Intuitive guidance, understanding and healing



Beth and Marie send you all great blessings and lots of love:)

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