What Do You Wish To Create in Your Life? 08/07/14

What do you wish to do differently in your life?  What would you love to experience, if you could experience anything you wanted?  What would it be?  We are all so conditioned in our life, personally, socially, professionally, and as a humanity.  Many of us believe that our life has to be the way it is, even when it stinks.  We think that we are being punished by god, or some other source because of choices that we have made in our past.  Even if our past was just a second ago.  Did you know you can do things differently?  What if you were to take full accountability and responsibility for ALL of your life?  What if you started being conscious (aware) of decisions you are making in your life, now?  What if you did it differently today!  What would you do?           

All of humanity is in unprecedented territory right now, energetically.  There are amazing things going on out there on all levels, planes, dimensions, etc, etc…There are still people out there sound asleep and unaware of what is going on, energetically.  Many are walking aimlessly in their life not knowing what is going on and what to do differently.  I hear more people asking and saying, “is this all there is?”  “this is my life…… seriously?”  I also hear so many people saying that they are so tired and just cannot do “IT” anymore.  It is very interesting being witness to choices that many are making.  One minute, a loved one is in our life perfectly healthy as far as we know.  The next  minute, we are receiving a phone call, or seeing on the news how fast many are leaving this world (physical death).  The energy is very intense and will continue to be so, as the earth purges.

Between the full moons, new moons, solar flares, and mercury retrogrades our physical bodies are on over load.  Everything that our body goes through first has to be released on many layers, especially the mental body and space.  That doggone mental body where our crazy thoughts are stored, stuck, stale, and stagnant can be a big deal when we are going through major releasing.  It can at times feel like the bipolar express! 

We have a beautiful gentle, creative, sensual, feminine energy that is here with us.  She continues to deepen within and around us that we have long forgotten about.  It is the beautiful divine feminine energy.  It existed long ago, before the third century.  It has never existed to the extent of that which it is becoming here before  on the earth plane. We experienced it to some degree during our Atlantic life time, as well as Lemurian life time.  Still not to the extent of NOW. 

For the first time in our lives we are co-creators of our very own life.  I find that exciting as well as a little intimidating.  Heck, I have no idea what I want…other than the basic things…food, clothes, shelter, and money. 

What I thought I wanted before is now changing.  My soul is saying lets do more!  However, I still do not have a clear picture of what MORE means.  At least not right at this minute.  I know this is my last life time.  I hear it loud and clear with my soul.  She is very tired, as I am:)  We ALL are!

So I am exactly right where the rest of you are.  What’s next?  What is my heart and soul’s desires?

Thank you for reading this post.  You came upon it for a reason.  I wish you well:)  I wish you luck.  If you are feeling drawn to working with me, you can contact me through http://www.divinegoddessradio.com.  My name is Beth Jacobson.  I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor and T,eacher, Reiki Master Instructor, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Light Language Facilitator.  You can also call me to set up an appointment at 651-900-4136.

Tune in and listen to divine goddess radio on blog talk.  I am on every Tuesday from 7-8 pm cst.

I wish you health, wealth, vitality, and well being!


Beth Jacobson


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