Crazy Weather 04/16/14

I do not know about you but good gravy miss mavy, this weather is crazy.  You can tell that mother earth is going through major healing.  I live in Minnesota.  Today we received quite a bit of snow. I know I am not the only one who is tired and done with the cold weather.  However, when you look at the bigger picture of what she is going through.  It is the result of how we have treated her over the lifetimes that we have lived on this planet.  Imagine an orange being peeled.  That is about the best way to visualize what she is going through right now.  That outer peel cannot be ripped off.  If it were, we would not survive here on earth.  

Mother earth loves us enough to take her time in healing.  We get a little bit of snow, so no complaints.  Prepare yourself because it will only continue to go on!  She has quite a ways to go before her healing process is done.  Remember more light is shining through.  The darkness most be revealed first.  Remember we are all in this together!


You are very loved,



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