Spiritual Counseling with Beth Jacobson 02/04/14

On this evenings episode I talked about one of the services that I offer as a gifted Intuitive Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counseling.  Spiritual Counseling helps you discover and uncover your inner potential and transform YOUR LIFE!  As a Spiritual Counselor, I offer you intuitive solutions that assist you in gaining clarity, understanding, gain confidence, while you feel inspired and motivated, as you learn strategies to achieve YOUR goals. 

My role as a Spiritual Counselor is to help guide you into mastering YOUR LIFE!  As you gain clarity and understanding through your life experiences, it helps transform your reality.  When you transform your reality you gain inner wisdom.  You also discover and uncover your unlimited potential.  Through your sessions with me you accumulate a variety of tools to use for personal growth psychologically, as well as gaining tools for your spiritual tool belt.

You learn how to transmute (change) negative energies into positive energies (by gaining mastery of energies).  It will seem like magic.  You will see that you are able to tap into your hidden gifts and abilities.

Sessions can run for 1 hour at a time.  I have a variety of packages that can be customized for your needs.  The sessions can run from 6-12 individual sessions.  If you are looking for less we can discuss that through your consultation.

I have a SPECIAL running right now:  30 minutes for $44.00 from February 4, 2014 through February 11, 2014.  When setting up a session with me mention that you listened to the show.  So hurry and set up your session now.  You can contact me at bethjacobson46@gmail.com or 651-900-4136.  We can do a phone, skype, face book camera, or email session.  I take credit cards and there is a little extra charge for using it.

This is an investment with yourself.  Are you ready to invest in yourself?!  NOW is the time:)  February is all about self care!

I send each and everyone of you Love and Light,

Beth Jacobson

Spiritual Counselor, Light Language Facilitator, Radio Host





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