Phone in Friday! 09/27/13

Phone in Friday was another success this week because of our LISTENERS!  Thank you so much to everyone who tunes in and listens to what we have to say:)  You have no idea how much Marie and I appreciate each and everyone of YOU!

Every week we look forward to the privilege of sharing with each and everyone of you our Intuitive gifts, as well as, our Divine knowledge and wisdom.  There is nothing more amazing and wonderful than to be able to share our gifts with others.  We hope that in our doing so it inspires and motivates others to own who they are.  BRIGHT BRILLIANT LIGHTS! 

We are all in this together in the shifting of Consciousness.  It is important that we help, guide, and assist others to do their part in raising the consciousness of each and everyone who inhabits this world.  By doing so, we are able to live in a beautiful, loving, compassionate, and creative space that supports each and everyone of us.  We also are given the opportunity to live the life of health, joy, happiness, and bliss more easily.  We live in an abundant and prosperous world that has unlimited potential and possibilities.  Soon we will all be living the beautiful live that we came here to experience. 

This episode is brought to you by two Divine Goddesses who access their Intuitive gifts and abilities to guides others.  Beth and Marie offer individual, group, and corporate readings and guidance.  Phone in Friday is free but extra sessions are a service that we provide and it has a fee.  Feel free to contact us by email at, or you can call Beth at 651-900-4136 to set up a session by Skype, phone, or email.  Marie can be reached at 651-303-0555 for a session.

Beth will be in Ames, Iowa on October 5th the Psychic and Paranormal expo.

Marie and I are starting up our Link to Enlightenment series October 8, 2013.

Beth also has a Retreat group on October 26, 2013.  It is a full day of mediation, discovering and uncovering your Road Map to Success.  It will be held at the Beautiful Moonshine Retreat Center in Eagan, MN.  For more information please contact Beth at 651-900-4136.  Time is from 10-3pm and the cost is $62.00.  If you want more success in your life contact Beth today and reserve your spot.





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