Phone in Friday! 09/20/13

Today was a successful phone in Friday on Divine Goddess Radio:)  Yea!!!   It appears that many people have the same questions, or at least very similar questions.  The callers asked about love, relationships (internal/personal), jobs, and outcome of a company dispute.

We are energetically at a very important point right now in the world in which we live.  There is no way to avoid going within and re-examining our own interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship with self.  You will find if you avoid doing your work, it will ultimately sooner or later start to affect your life.  Relationships can start falling apart.  The unhappiness or discontent with your life can become even bigger than it originally was.  Many people are tired and do not have the extra energy to do their energetic work.  I believe that you are tired because you are not doing the work you need to do.  Believe me when I say that I get how you are feeling.  There are days when it is hard to be human.  However, we came here to experience being spiritual in human form.  No one said that it would always be easy.

I think it is important that you understand that we are in a time that has never existed before energetically.  Every moment of everyday is NEW.  So my words of advice to you would be, BE in the MOMENT.  Know that right now at this moment, ALL IS WELL with you.  There is no need to be afraid, worried, scared, mad, depressed, angry, sad, disappointed, fearful, or in doubt.  We are in a time of having to be in the energy of having FAITH, and to TRUST that all is well.  Remember that we are loved!   We have not been abandoned (even on days that it might feel that way).  We are clearing out our EGO. 

The ego is afraid.  It feels that it is losing the only job that it has ever known.  The old job was to keep us safe.  It also kept us in the lower energies and frequencies. 

We are in a time energetically that we must come from our HEART space at all times (as much as possible). 

REMEMBER that you are brave:)  YOU choose to come here and to have an experience:)  Quite the experience it is:)

So if you are drawn to calling in on phone in Friday, please do:)  We welcome all callers:)  If you are drawn to having a private session with Beth or Marie who are both intuitive readers you can private message us at

This episode is paid for by Beth Jacobson Radio Host, Intuitive Reader, Energetic Therapist, Spiritual Teacher

Marie Langlie Radio Host, Intuitive Reader, Realtor.

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Here is today’s episode ENJOY!  Just click onto the link below.


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