Midweek Stress Buster Show 09/18/13

On today’s midweek stress buster show we talked about Archangels.  It is an important time to remember that we are not alone.  All the divine angels are here to help us move forward onto our path with ease.  Many people are reporting that they either feel very alone, or are receiving messages and feel the presence of Angels.  It is a time were we are being tested on our faith.  Our faith that we do believe in a higher power, and that we are a part of something BIG, something bigger than ourselves.  It is time to step outside of the “I” and “me.”  It is a time of “us” and “we.”

There is no need to be fearful of the unknown.  Take comfort in the fact that all is well.  No matter what the outside appearance may be.  Remember we must go through whatever we must.  It is not until the situation, event, circumstance, or experience is over,  that we have a better understanding of why we had to go through the experience that we did.  Everything is a part of the BIGGER picture, the Divine Plan.

It is a time of practicing great TRUST!  In time, ALL will be revealed:)  Until then, it is a time of great growth for ALL!

This is a time of making your connections with the Divine even stronger than ever before:)

Remember and know that you are LOVED because YOU came from ALL of that LOVE!

We send you Love and Light.  May your journey be bright:)

Beth Jacobson~Divine Goddess Radio Host, Intuitive Reader, Energetic Therapist, Spiritual Teacher

Marie Langlie~Divine Goddess Radio Host, Intuitive Reader, Realtor

This episode is paid for and brought to you by Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie.  If you are interested in becoming an investor, sponsor, advertiser, or to donate to our show contact Beth or Marie at divinegoddessradio@gmail.com.  We have three different investment plans to choose from.

If you are drawn to listening to this blog click onto the link below.  ENJOY the show:)




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