Hidden Worlds 09/17/13

Hidden Worlds are about veils becoming thinner.  Many people are feeling distant from their higher power.  I have heard more people say, I feel abandoned and left out here to defend and fend for myself.  What is going on?  From what I can see and tell, it is the energy shifting.  The energy is really dense.  Our guides are still with us but there is more in between us.  So our guides are stepping up their game by giving us messages in many ways.  Our messages can come in many forms such as:  a helpful phone call from someone we have not talked to in quite sometime.  They say just the right thing at the optimum moment.  You were in the right place at the right time to hear their words of encouragement.  Those words assisted you in your shifting of your thoughts.  We are receiving messages in our dreams now, so make sure you write down anything that you can remember from them. 

I have been seeing hearts everywhere and in everything.  I am being sent LOVE everyday at every moment:)  I would be bold enough to say that you are also.  Now just open your mind and allow yourself to receive it.

The universe and our guides are sending messages to us in many ways besides our dreams.  They are sending them through meditation, drawings, paintings, singing, dancing, music, walking, journaling, and so many other ways.

Allow the universe to guide you in the ways she knows is best for you:)  You have not been left alone:)  There is HOPE!

All you have to do is LISTEN, LOOK, and SEE!


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