Archangels 09/15/13

We talked about Archangels on Divine Goddess Radio.  I recommend that you check out what we have to say about what is happening with the Archangels.  They are phenomenal light beings that are here to help us with anything and everything, as we transition through the new energies entering this planet, world, and all of existence,

You will learn what color they carry as they work with you, the chakra system they specifically work with, and who to call on for help and guidance with certain issues, or concerns you may have.  There is nothing that they will not help us with.  All we have to do is remember to call upon them for their help.

We can be stubborn and refuse to ask for help with our trials and tribulations.  Our thought process can at times be in victim mode and remain in the poor me state of mind.  You would be amazed at how easy it is to transition throughout your life easier than what you do.  All you have to do is remember to ask for help:)  It seriously is that simple.  We make it so much harder than it actually is. 

All the Archangels carry a certain color to make it easier for you to recognize them.  That color brings in a certain frequency and vibration.  We are ALL loved so much more than we realize.  We stay in our experience and can have difficulty with forgiving ourselves with past choices.  Our past choices are life lessons and experiences that we should look at and grow from.

God, Source, Creator whoever and whatever name you choose to use in describing you believe system in a higher power loves us more than we can even begin to know.  That beautiful energy holds our space for us as we experience our time and life here on earth.  The Archangels and other light beings are here to love us unconditionally as well.  They are part of that higher power and belief system.  We will continue to discuss the Archangels on wednesday at 3 pm.

Enjoy our episode of the Archangels.  You can download this episode anytime and as many times as you would like.

We send you love and light and may you find ease within and on your journey to enlightenment,

Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie

Hosts of Divine Goddess Radio on blog talk

Please contact Beth or Marie at if you are interested in advertising, donating, or sponsoring our show.  If you would like to invest with us we welcome you to connect with us.

You can reach Beth for a private intuitive clairvoyant reading at 651-900-4136, and Marie at 651-303-0555 for an intuitive reading.

Beth has saturday and sunday slots open.  Hurry now and book your session:)


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