Looking at Relationships 09/13/13

September has been a month thus far about EMBRACING!  Embracing all that you are.  The first week was pretty smooth.  The second week a little more intense.  We are being given ample opportunity to really look at ourselfves deep within and others in our life.   Relationships are all being examined on some level or other. 

I know I have been looking deep within myself.  It amazes me at the depth of where I can go.  There are places within me that I never knew existed.  Holy cow it can be extremely intense!  This whole week I have really been looking at, examining, meditating on, emotionally feeling, thinking, and exploding with some very intense beliefs from long ago.   

It amazes me how old perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and attitudes are really trying desperately to hold onto some part of me at any and all cost. 

There have been more days and nights that I have felt abandoned and left on my own by GOD/Creator/Source.  However, the signs and symbols from my guides and all-are very prominent.  I am seeing hearts everywhere I look.  I see numbers that are specifically telling me that the Angels are with me and that I am not alone, no matter how it appears, or  feels.   So far this month has been about deep reflection.  It is the time to really look at what is no longer working for you and let it go once and for all. 

It is a time to really clean and clear out all the clutter from within and in your home and work environment.

Now is the time to really ask yourself, WHAT DO I REALLY WANT from ME and for ME?  All you have to do is LISTEN:)  You heart will definitely tell you:)

I wish you well!  I wish you luck! 

Blessings to all of you,

Beth Jacobson

Host, Intuitive Reader, Energetic Therapist, Spiritual Teacher,

Call and set up an appointment for a reading, party, energey session, guidance, counsel,  card reading, or Theta brain work.




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