Today is the DAY! 09-09-13

Today is the day that YOU MAKE the change!  The energies are here to finally support YOU in anything that you are wanting to do:)  So what do you want to do?  Are you like many out there who are trying to figure out what that is?  How do you want to be of service for others?

If you are like me, you are questioning what exactly does that mean?  Does it have anything to do with being of service in a way that helps others?  I believe that is part of it.  Could it be even on a deeper level than that?  I know for one thing~ it is no longer just about me anymore.  It is about everyone now.  It is about the collective whole.  It is time to get out of the mindset of just “I” or “Me”.  Now is the time to be thinking about the “we” and the “us.” 

Now to the extent of what that means~ is something that I believe each and everyone of us has to look deeper within our selves.  Does it mean that you start examining your choices that you make?  Do you start caring about how your actions can affect others?  Will you think twice before you do something now? 

Does this actually mean that if you see someone struggling, having difficulty in their thoughts, words, or actions that you might provide them with compassion, or empathy that you may have not done so before in the past.  Do you think you might have been given another opportunity to right your wrongs?  To actually make a difference to someone else outside of yourself for a change?

What if you have been thinking about choices that you have made in your life? past? present?  Do you think about the choices in your life that can never be redone?  Do you believe that no matter what you did, have done, or may be thinking of doing~ can never be forgiven? 

What if I were to tell you no matter what you cannot change your history but you can change the direction in which you are going now, currently.  So what if you were to be given a second chance…how would you change your current situation?  If you could change it without harming anyone else involved, would you?  How would that look?  What would be different?

How could you change your life for the better?  Even if you felt that you do not deserve it.  What would you do to make that change, for the better:)

Now are you finally ready to do something about it?

Write it down, say it out loud, or do something about it:)  Remember have it come from your HEART, do it with sincerity, give gratitude, and you will remain in a positive attitude:)  Just by remaining positive that goes back into the collective whole, your loved ones, and those that are around you.  You just did your part in CHANGING the situation:)  Now make a conscious choice of continuing to do it from your heart.  You will be happy that you did:)


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