Phone in Friday 09/06/13

Phone in Friday with Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie was a success!  We had a variety of people who called in and asked a question either about love, career, moving, money, or relationships.  There were callers who talked about their success in moving through the energies with ease and grace. 

It is wonderful to hear feedback from our callers, especially when they are able to be really positive and talk about their experiences in how they are managing, what they have to offer for suggestions for others, and keen insight on their intake of what is going on energetically.  Their positive insight is to share with others to instill the hope that all is well, even if it does not feel like it at times.  It is a reminder that we are all going through it together.

IT~ being the shifting, changing, releasing, letting go, transitioning, as we go through this TRANSFORMATION.  This transformation is in layers.  It is easy and graceful some days, and on other day’s not so easy.  The important thing is to go through your life with humor.  Laugh as much as possible. Love unconditionally!  Accept others for who they are as much as you can.  Enjoy your LIFE!  Be happy!  Stay grounded and balanced!  Live you life to the fullest.  It is about experiencing life to the fullest extent.  Everything is an experience and a lesson.  Have FUN with it!

Remember that you are LOVED!  You are LOVE!  So LOVE as MUCH as YOU can:)

This episode is brought to you by Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie of Divine Goddess Radio on blog talk.

Beth is an Intuitive Clairvoyant reader, healer, teacher, and Host!  Marie is an Intuitive reader and realtor, and Host!

You can contact us at

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We send each and everyone one of you Love and Light,

Beth and Marie

click onto the link below to listen to Friday’s episode

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