Midweek Stress Buster Show 09/04/13


On this weeks Midweek Stress Buster Show Marie and I discussed prosperity.  Last week we had talked about how to bring more of it into your life.  Prosperity and abundance are not just about money.  It can mean many different things such as friendships, love in your life, opportunities, creative energy, encouraging words from others, more time to take time for yourself, and much more.

I discussed on the show how during labor day weekend, I received a big amount of both abundance and prosperity.  Don’t you love when it comes to you unexpectedly:)  I DO!

September appears to energetically  be a month to EMBRACE!  The energies feel much gentler than the past months.  As the year continues on we will continue to witness many unexpected cycles, bursts, influxes, and releases of the energies.  I personally feel that it is important to really go deep within and examine what you trust in you.  There is currently an air of uncertainty of what is next.  I for one,  am excited with anticipation of what is next for me.  Are YOU?

The universe has amplified the unlimited support for us now at this time.  All we have to do is ask for guidance and know that it will be delivered to us as the time is needed.  It is all about TRUSTING in the Divine.  If things are not happening for you the way you were hoping it to, look at it as an opportunity to stop…look at what is not working…and reevaluate.

Abundance and prosperity are coming to us in unexpected ways.  All YOU have to do is get out of the way and allow it to come to you….with ease and grace.  All you have to do is say thank you!

So thank you for reading my blog:)

I send you love and light,


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