Who are YOU really? 08/25/13

Today we talked about who are you really?  I have been repeatedly asked similar questions by many people about what is energetically going on out there right now.  My conclusion (Beth) is that we are given the opportunity to really examine who we really are.  I mean really going deep within and looking at who YOU are.  During this process, I feel it is safe to say that many avoid doing this work.  That means you have to honor yourself and slowdown and really listen to what your higher self is trying to tell you.  We are in phenomenal times of taking ownership of who we are, Really WHO we are. 

To do this work, we need to really look at all the masks, beliefs, old/ancient feelings/emotions, attitudes, actions, and way of being that we have held onto out of fear.  We have been who we are for lifetimes.  Have we really taken responsibility for all that we are?  I can only speak for myself, my answer is NO.  I have not owned up to who I really am.  I AM discovering that piece of me everyday.

Listen to our episode for more details.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/divinegoddessradio/2013/08/25/who-are-you-really


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