Divine insight with our dreams 08/25/13

We are receiving divine insight with our dreams at night.  Many people including myself, are feeling disconnected or alone right now with all the crazy energies that are going on.  I know that I have felt like I am out here on my own, with zero guidance because I am not receiving the messages like I used to, or how I used to.  However, for the past few day’s this week I have been seeing signs,  even though I am feeling like my divine guides have forgotten about me. 

A couple of day’s ago I was having an internal dialogue with myself that was not uplifting.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  The night before,  I said some things out loud that was not positive towards the creator source.  I heard myself saying out loud to the source , as I was pointing a finger, words that were very angry.  As they were being said, I realized I have said these words many times throughout my life.  The words then became louder and from deep within.  I was so shocked by where they were coming from.  It was very clear these intense feelings were not established in just this lifetime.

I have gained much insight that night and the following day’s to come.  The next day, I was sitting in a parking lot talking on my cell phone with a friend.  As we were talking I was seeing the trees taking on the form of a heart.  Right at that very moment my friend was talking about how she saw a bunch of white feathers earlier laying on the ground.  She felt that she had to call me.  She said that she remembered me telling her what feathers meant.  Right at that moment she did not know that she just validated a message of what I needed to receive.  The validation of the feathers was just what I needed at that very moment to reinforce my faith that was wavering at that moment.

I could have started crying because I felt like I had lost my connection to my divine guides, and mother father creator source.  It took that synchronicity of me seeing the heart in the tree at the exact moment she told me about the feathers, as I heard my angels say, “see we are still here.” 

My dreams are becoming very detailed, even more than ever before.  Last night, I dreamt of what is going on right now internally, cleaning out my internal house.  The messages are definitely about letting go of all the old masculine and feminine energies.  I am literally under construction right now.  Rebuilding new beliefs, new attitudes, new responses to everyday happenings, and new  higher spiritual perspectives of situations in my life.

My dreams have been very accurate in their meanings.  So all in all the moral of my story is,  even though I have felt like I am unsupported by the universe the truth of the matter is, the universe is definitely watching over me.

Remember we are releasing old ego structure that is about illusions and delusions.  It is a golden opportunity to practice unconditional love for self and towards others, remain in compassion, and to forgive yourself and others for past decisions.  No matter what we have done in the past today at this moment is full of new possibilities.  All we have to do is put it into action.  Do something new such as; look at a situation with compassion, choose to walk away from the drama and chaos, and love the moment.  Remember that moment involves YOU:)

I send you Love and Light along your journey,

Beth Jacobson

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Reader and Healer

If you wish to contact me and set up an appointment you can reach me at 651-900-4136.  I assist you in examining your inner potential by discovering who you really are:)

I also can tell you about love, relationships, career, and finances.


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