Crystals-Clearing-and Meditation 08/4/13

Crystal-Clearing-and Meditation was our topic this evening on Divine Goddess Radio.  We discussed how to tune in with a crystal that you can work with.  It is important that you clear your crystal of all energies that are not for your highest good, get rid of negative energy.  There are many different ways to use a crystal when you work with them.  Crystals activate programs within you that allow healing to occur.    

We talked about how to clear your crystals so you can access their fullest potential when working with them. 

You can create a variety of ways to meditate with crystals.  Create a variety of grids for all purposes such as love, money, and protection.  Our show discusses more in-depth on how to do it.  You will have to tune in and listen to our episode. 

We send you love and light,

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