Phone in Friday 08/02/13

Well it has been an AMAZING experience that Marie and I are having with adding another show to Divine Goddess Radio on blog talk radio.   We have a phone in Friday for people who may need guidance, help, or validation on their journey in life.  The show was created as a venue to help guide others on their path as they awaken to their spiritual self at a deeper level. 

We were already doing two shows during the week and I recently was guided to  needing to have another one.  This one was to be more interactive where people could ask questions, comment, or if they needed validation on their own personal experiences they were having.

Our Friday show is a HIT:)   See what happens when you listen to spirit:)   We are providing a service that others really need!  I am very proud of the work that Marie and I are doing.  I am pretty sure that she would say the same thing.

For me, just this past Friday we had a woman call in and tell us her story about a unhealthy relationship with a family member of hers.  This wonderfully brave woman “gets it”.  She understands that she cannot continue in that relationship anymore the way it is.  She has stepped outside of the situation, surrendered it, and is allowing it to move out of her life, free of any attachment to it.  She is allowing the healing to go into it on her part, so now she can be FREE.  It is a phenomenal experience to let go of all attachments to anything.  Remember we are here to experience LIFE to it’s fullest, and learn the lesson from it.  It is from that place that we finally get to see it from a different perspective as a personal growth experience, or even a higher perspective as spiritual growth.  It is from the place of spiritual growth that brings us into the ascension process.  As we ascend we achieve empowerment.  Empowerment is a learning curve to show us how to use short cuts to do the things that make life move with ease and grace.  Life is not meant to be difficult.  We are NOW in a time of making a great choice, do YOU choose EMPOWERMENT or victimhood?  This is were our free will is honored on what choice we choose to make.

It is time to put on your big girl/boy panties on and start dealing with your crud, look at it, send it LOVE, and then choose to free yourself of it by forgiving yourself, others, and situation so you can finally let it go,  be free of it once and for all.

It is hard to believe that we have over 26,000 listeners to our show.  What a wonderful way of being able to help others.  Again, we are NOT about telling others choices that they must make or live the life we say they must live.  We are here to provide information to those who are searching for something “else”. 

I truly believe that nothing happens by accident.  If you stumble upon our work; either by Divine Goddess Radio on blog talk or by word press, the universe is guiding you to our site for a reason.  Keep an open mind.  Know that you are not going to be forced into changing, or having to do anything that you do not want to change.  Just know that you are ready to DO YOUR work that YOU came here to do on earth.  Have no fear.  Get out of your doubt.  Remember that you were/are created out of LOVE.  NOW, it is time to REMEMBER:)

Marie and I send you Love and Light.  All you have to do is OPEN up your Heart to receive it!  Be gentle with yourself on your journey and know that we are all in it together.  We are all brothers and sisters, and I am here to help you if needed and when the time is right:)

If this is calling YOU NOW, know that no matter any PAST choices that you have made, YES even in this lifetime, even if just a minute ago, NO MATTER what it is, YOU CAN be FORGIVEN:)  Did you know that?  No matter what it was.  All you have to do right at this moment is choose to be done with that choice, look at what it REALLY was about (fear), ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself, others involved, and the situation.  Choose to stop that process, thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, believe systems, actions, or behaviosr.  Stop it today! 

Choose today to be the first day of the rest of your life:)  You need to have a starting point.  Let this moment be it!  Let go of all the dark that you have allowed into your life.  Send it unconditional LOVE and ask that God, Creator, or Source (whatever you believe in) to take it from you and transmute it into Divine Love to be used 100% of the Light now:)

Trust me, it is that EASY:)  We just have forgotten how easy it is!

If you want to be a contributing member of the work that Marie and I do and show your support in anyway whether by word of mouth and telling others about what we do, financial support, or wanting to do business with our show please contact Beth and Marie at  We are looking at alternative ways of getting our message out to the masses of people who need it and are open to it.

I thank you kindly for taking your time to read our blog.  May you find ease along your path to spiritual enlightenment or any kind of enlightenment.  Be open to the blessings that source gives to you freely everyday.  Have a sense of humor on your outlooks to life.  You have what it takes to be the light that you are and came here to BE:)  Just believe that all is well and trust that you are loved for being YOU! 

Anything is possible,

Beth Jacobson

visit my website:

call me at 651-900-4136


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