Midweek Stress Buster Show 07/31/13

On today’s show we discussed chakra’s.  What we are experiencing right now is the upgrading of our chakra system.  Many of us are advancing from the 3rd dimensional system into the fourth.  Others are going from the 4th dimension into the 5th dimension chakra system.  Yes, everyone who chooses to move into the fifth will get there.  As we all ascend there is work to do on all the levels that need to be cleared, rewired, connected before being activated.  There are steps that we all need to take in order to remain fully in the fifth dimension.  The system is set up for everyone who wishes to move forward and upward to do so.  No one is supposed to be left behind as we advance, evolve, and ascend.

The chakras system is where we contain our spiritual information and energy.   They flow in a clockwise and counter clockwise position.  Energy flows through the energy centers from front to back.  The chakra’s hold an unfathomable amount of information in each chakra.  The information that is stored in our chakra’s is there for us to access, use, to learn from, and to grow from. 

The goal is to clear all the unwanted concepts and create new concepts in our chakra’s.  Our chakra’s should be consistently moving and changing.   There are a variety of ways to wash, cleanse, and clear your chakra’s, daily.  One of two ways would be by using a pendulum, or through meditation.

The colors of the chakras are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  These are the 3rd dimensional system.  The fifth dimensional colors are platinum, magenta, gold, white, violet, white-gold, and clear.

Listen to the blog talk show for further details.


This episode is paid for by Beth Jacobson-intuitive reader and healer.  You can contact her at 651-900-4136.  Marie Langlie, intuitive reader and realtor, call her at 651-303-0555.

If you are interested in advertising your business through our blog talk site you can email Beth or Marie at divinegoddessradio@gmail.com.  We have 3 different business opportunities for you to choose from.  Please join us Wednesday from 3-3:30 pm for our midweek stress buster, our phone in Friday at 12 noon, and Sunday from 6-7 pm.

We send you love and light,

Beth and Marie


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