What’s going on 07/28/13

Today’s show dealt with the crazy energies of this weekend.  Yesterday, Saturday was an interesting day for many.  I can say that I personally had phone calls from in the morning until the evening that were all drama and chaos based.  It was to the point that when I answered the phone I would say if this is drama and chaos I do not want to hear it, I will hold a space for you and help you with the shifting.  By doing this, I set a healthy boundary for myself and my friends.  I actually proved to myself that I could do it.  It felt FANTASTIC!  For the first time in a long time I did not take on the energies of others, nor did I feel obligated to care take anyone.  I loved myself more than the people I talked to.  This is a monumental event for me.  I am very proud of myself.  It is something that every single person needs to do for themselves.  I love my friends and family but I love myself more:)

Today’s energies were much gentler.  I did not receive one phone call from anyone today.   Miracle!

On the show we also talked about the use of a variety of crystals that you can use to assist you in activating programs for healing from within you.  I personally recommend my favorite ones such as rose quartz, amethyst, selenite, black tourmaline, green peridot, green citrine.  These are just to name a few.  Take this time to get onto the internet, or go to a metaphysical bookstore and look to see what crystals jump out at you.  Learn about what properties they carry and how you can start using them.  They are excellent to create grids with, to use with healing energy blocks, and other things. 

When you find a store or a store on line see what one/s you are drawn to.  There is a reason you are drawn to them.  They carry a frequency and vibrancy just as we do.  That particular stone is what you may need right now to assist in your shifting.  Have fun with them!

Have a great week:)  Monday is when the major energies of the Star of David are the greatest!  Let go of that which you no longer need so you can allow the new to come in that is for your highest and best good, in the most positive way possible!

This show was paid for by Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson.  You can reach us at divinegoddessradio@gmail.com or fb divine goddess radio and like our page. 

Spread the word of what we do.  We would appreciate any of your help!   We are here to shine the light and help others remember to shine theirs as well:)

We are all in this together:)

We send you love and light,

Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie



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