Midweek Stress Buster Show-Chakra’s 07/24/13

On today’s show Beth and Marie talked about the chakra’s.  It is very important that you clean, clear, and cleanse them everyday and throughout the day.  Blocked chakra’s can make you feel anxious, stressed, and mucky.  You want your chakra’s to always be healthy and vibrant, if not, it can be an indicator of different things that could be going on.  Remember you are the one that needs to take responsibility for your choices being made and take care of your energetic fields, especially your chakra system.

Also, remember that you are not the only one who is going through major changes in your life.  Many of us are out there with you going through our own experience.  No matter what it looks like or feels like.  Go outside and stand on the earth, sit by water, sing, dance, be silly, don’t be so serious.  Life is a series of lessons.  Remember we are all here to EVOLVE:)

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Stay out of the fear, doubt, anger, and lower energies, darker energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.  The more FUN you can have on this crazy journey the quicker you will get through the not so fun stuff. 

You are a BRIGHT LIGHT shining the light on all the dark of the world, especially your own world (internally).  Recognize it, face it, love it, and free yourself of it quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

This Friday we will have a phone in Friday.  Call us if you have any questions or comments about how you are doing.  If you have some fantastic advice to share, by all means let us know what it is.  We want to share it with others:)

We send you tons of Love and Light,

Beth Jacobson and Marie Langlie

This episode is brought to you by Beth Jacobson-Divine Goddess Radio Host, Intuitive Reader and Healer, and Marie Langlie-Divine Goddess Radio Host, Intuitive reader and Realtor.  You can reach us at divinegoddessradio@gmail.com.



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