Today is a new day 07/16/13

Today is a new day!  I get to start all over.  Yesterday no longer matters.  I cannot change my past.  I choose to be in today.  What I have learned from my past is something that I can use and grow from.  My intent is to finally move forward with ease.  I do not believe in bad choices.  I believe in life lessons.  How many times do I need to repeat a lesson before I finally get that it is a life lesson?  I choose to finally be done with the lessons of all the fears of success, change, money, to be recognized for my gifts and knowledge, of owning my own power, of failure, and of leading a beautiful life of ease.

It is time for me to finally be okay with being who I AM.  I AM who I AM!  Today I choose to own it.  Today is a NEW day!


Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio Host, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Reader, 651-900-4136



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