Midweek Stress Buster Show 07/10/13

On today’s show Marie and I talked about the importance of taking good care of yourself on all levels.  It is time to take a look at how you are allowing vitality and Joy into your life.  If you look at it and say to yourself “I don’t have it,” it is time you look at what gives you joy.  What fills you back up when you are feeling empty. 

This month has had the occurrence of a new moon, mercury in retrograde, and solar flares but not limited to.  So if you have been feeling like you are going crazy, or experiencing what I call bipolar express of moods going up and down this could be why.  However, my disclaimer is that I am not in the medical profession but have a counseling degree.  If you have anything that is persistent and just to have peace of mind go see a doctor.

With mercury in retrograde~ it is an opportunity for all of us to examine our old issues that we have not dealt with.  It is time to look at it, ask what the core issue is, and free yourself by releasing it and letting it go.

Take this time to try something new to do, such as write a book, exercise, meditate, develop healthier living skills-eating, communications.  These are just some suggestions of what you could do if you choose to.

Find a way of being of service to others.

Marie and I offer individual/group intuitive sessions for anyone who is wanting/ready for guidance along your path of AWAKENING.  We will help you discover and uncover your inner potential and transform your life!

You can contact Beth Jacobson at 651-900-4136 or Marie Langlie at 651-303-0555.

We have spots available if you are interested in advertising your business on our show.  You can choose from one of three business packages we offer.  If you want to sponsor or donate to our show we would accept your generosity with gratitude.  Please contact Beth or Marie at divinegoddessradio@gmail.com, or face book us at divine goddess radio.

Thank you for listening and blessings to you,

Beth and Marie





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