Love is ALL there IS~<3 07/08/13

With all that is going on in the world today  including all of the Universe and beyond, many are feeling a vast variety of different feelings, thoughts, and emotions.  The one thing that you can depend on is LOVE.  For many of you, you might be saying to yourself or out loud, “yeah whatever.”  We are all going through deep rooted cleansing and clearing of our mind, body, and believe it or not soul.  An opportunity of letting go of anything and everything that no longer serves our highest good is needing to be released and let go once and for all.

It is the time of bringing back into wholeness all separated aspects of self and fragmented soul parts that split off, due to some kind of trauma.  In order to bring all of “us” back into wholeness and completeness we must ask for those parts to be washed, cleansed, and cleared of all their fears and unforgiveness.  Send all parts of you, Unconditional LOVE.  It is time to forgive ALL of YOU:)

It is time to be gentle with yourself with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, internally, as well as externally.

During this process it can feel like the “bipolar express” at times.  It is an opportunity to really approach yourself with love and kindness, just as you would a friend or someone you love.  Love every aspect of who you ARE:)  You are NOT your past choices or experiences.  It is time to say good bye with everything that no longer serves your highest and best good.  No one said it would always be a pleasant experience.  Look at it as an opportunity to use your humor, personal growth, and spiritual growth.  Look at what you learned from it, then decide to move onward and upward with ease and grace:)

Take the time to sit still, sit down, wrap your arms around you and say I LOVE YOU!  Better yet use a mirror to look at your reflection and say “I LOVE YOU!”  You will be amazed at how much you really needed to hear that from YOU.  Now take the time to do it:)

Remember YOU are a BRIGHT LIGHT!  Do not ever forget that!  It is Time for YOU to SHINE! SHINE! SHINE!  When you allow yourself to shine and love who you are, no one can bring you down.

Remember LOVE is ALL there is:)   Give it to yourself as much as you give it to others:)

Be OPEN to receive all the LOVE that the Universe presents to you. no matter how, when, where, or who brings it into your life.  Be open to it and allow it in.

I send you BLESSINGS and LOVE,

Beth Jacobson

Divine Goddess Radio Host on blog talk

Spiritual Teacher, healer, and Intuitive~<3

For more of my information please go and visit or call 651-900-4136 to set up an appointment for an individual/group sessions.


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