Midweek Stress Buster show 06/26/13

This week’s episode brought to you by:

Ascension Spirit

Ascension Spirit teaches Mastering Alchemy, a modern day mystery school that provides practical tools and a step-by-step pathway for preparing the physical body, together with its surrounding energy bodies, for ascension into expanded awareness and higher dimensional living in our shifting world.  For a class schedule, please visit:
During this week’s midweek stress buster show Marie and I talked about this past weekend and all the different surges of energies going on with the full moon, super moon, and Mercury in Retrograde.  Mercury in Retrograde means that all the old is coming up to the surface.  Make sure to be aware.  Stay out of drama and chaos.  The light is bringing up all the dark to be brought back into the light.  Be mindful of moods, frustration, anger, irritation, feelings of wanting to give up. DON’T!
Many are feeling like they are working hard and getting nowhere.  Continue to focus on what good is in your life and what is working for you.  Stay out of the facts, figures, and appointments not filled up.  Focus on what brings your heart JOY and Happiness!  You want to attract the positive into your life:)  Once you focus on your heart’s desires you can then create results.  Look at your growth that has been made, remember no matter what you have grown.  Lastly, continue to have FAITH!  As you focus, create results, and continue to have faith~ BELIEVE in what you do, act as if you are already SUCCESSFUL, it will then lead to SUCCESS!!!
Everything that you do~ ask yourself, “does this add to the light or shadow”?  Do it ever 1-2 minutes if needed.  By doing this you can take ownership, responsibility, and accountability for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  This will help you stay in the light more, rather than falling back into the lower darker energies that want you to fail.
Stop worrying about money NO matter how much you think you need it.  It will just create more lower energy.  Set your intent for the day and what you want to accomplish.  Focus on that, create the result, and have faith:)   YOU just might be AMAZED at how it turns out.  REMEMBER that there is a bigger plan at work.
Be outside!  Be in Nature!  Surround yourself with beautiful things:)  Look at what you have!  Be in GRATITUDE!  Have a positive attitude!  Say Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
For individual sessions with Beth contact me at 651-900-4136, or visit my website at www.bethjacobson.com, and Marie at 651-303-0555 if you want to sell your home in Minnesota, or buy a home.
We send you Blessings of Love and Light,
Beth and Marie

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