What Does My Dream Mean? 06/23/13


On today’s show Marie and I talked about dreams and the information we receive from them.  We do dream at night even if we think we don’t.  There are different kinds of dreams, some say there are six different kinds.  We have dreams that are problem solving, precognitive, prophetic, clearing house, teaching, and outside interference.

   Anatomy of a Dream:

1st.  Dreams give you a time reference for a problem, situation, or programs that are running.

2nd. Dreams can show you how your problem has manifested in your life and gives you the awareness of it.

3rd.  In your dreams you are presented with a solution to your problem, or shown how to move beyond it.  All you have to do is remember the information of what was given to you while dreaming.

Remembering Dreams:

Drink water before you go to bed.  Keep a journal next to your bed/bathroom with pen/pencil.  Write down what you remember before getting up for the day, also while in the bathroom.  Before going to bed set the intent that you will be able to remember and recall important information given to you when you wake up from your dreams.

Pay attention to all the details of your dream such as color, shape, size, numbers, rooms, details, and more.  They all mean something and it all adds up.

Invest in a good dream book that jumps out at you, or meditate and ask what the dream is supposed to mean to you.  Your dreams can give you guidance on your path in your life:)


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