Sacred Geometry and Science 06/09/13



Tonight on Divine Goddess Radio I spoke with Gabe Braathen Lee.   He is a successful Entrepreneur, a Veteran of the Armed Forces, and an Advanced Higher Brain Living Facilitator and National Presenter.  He is descended from a lineage of spiritual leaders, Gabriel has journeyed from a traditional Christian upbringing, to the brink of Atheism, and finally to a profound spiritual awakening rooted in science.  All of his experiences led him to Higher Brain Living.  He also is passionate about human spirituality as well as music, writing, and film.


He spoke of how the Creator’s energy is everywhere~ sacred geometry, recognizable patterns such as circles, the seed of Life, and the flower of Life and what they mean.

You can reach Gabe at:

If you missed Sunday’s show please click onto the link below to listen.

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