Acknowledging the Joy in YOUR life! 06/16/13


On today’s show Marie and I talked about bringing in more JOY into YOUR LIFE!  This past week the energy has accelerated.  I counted 3 times:)  When the energy amps up it can bring up some intense thoughts, feelings, emotions, even physical pain.  For instance, both of my legs, ankles, and feet were in pain.  Others were experiencing headaches, heart ache, sick to stomach, and old feelings and attitudes coming up.

So during these times how are you bringing in more JOY into your life?  How are you staying on top of your game?  While at work and you are in a funk how do you get out of it?  Do you freak out and say things that you later feel worse about?  Or do you rise above the situation and re-examine what is going on.  Are you able to look at it from a higher perspective!  hmm…it takes a very enlightened individual to not personalize a situation.  When you can look at how you are handling a situation, and you are choosing not to react the way you may have in the past but instead look at responding differently, you then know that there has been much growth.  When you are able to be conscious and step outside of it (situation) and just BE, and be non-reactive to me that is then spiritual growth.  An opportunity for major growth in your life.  You are learning that it is not about you but about the lessons and the experiences learned.  Anyways, the energies have been intense this past week.


There are many different ways of turning negative situations around.  You can walk away from the lower vibrations that others are attempting to bring you to, whether in your home, school, community, or work environment.  Maybe you have a boss or colleague that is really testing you with demands, insults, and negative energy.  Instead of going to their level, rise above it.  There are many things you can do; smile, sing a song, instead of talking do a musical with those you are around, say hello in a cute way, maybe a different language with a smile on your face, start dancing just to name a few.

Go and listen to the link below.  I hope that you ENJOY it:)

Marie and I send you LOVE and LIGHT and remember to shine, shine, shine!




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