Is It Me, Or Are The Energies crazy? 05/19/13

Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson discussed the crazy energies that are occurring right now.  Many people have been experiencing being physically sick to their stomach and ending up in the hospital due to de-hydration.  Meanwhile others have been experiencing major mood swings and feeling that they are going crazy.  We discussed the many solar flares, eclipse, and planetary shifts that are going on now.  They all play a role in affecting the barometric pressures, which then affect our well-being. 

Marie and Beth also discussed tools to use to get you through the ever changing energies such as; being outdoors, being around other positive people, using essential oils, journaling, excerising, and talking about what you are going through because others are going through it to, and staying out of drama.

There are more shifts of energy that are going to be happening as the year advances.  We highly recommend that you join our weekly Divine Goddess Radio blog talk show as we guide you through the ever changing shifts, and participate in our Link to Enlightenment series of classes.  The classes are based on a variety of topics that will help you with the shifting and ascension process. 

If interested please contact one of us at, or Beth at 651-900-4136, or Marie at 651-303-0555.


We send EACH and EVERYONE of YOU Divine Love and Light.  Remember to laugh as you continue on your journey:)…


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