Paying Attention To Messages and Signs 04/27/13

This week has been very intense energy for all of us.  We had a full moon on the 25th this month.  There was an equinox this week along with the black hole projecting gamma rays and some nasty negative energy out in our direction.  The gamma rays are said to be activating our gifts that lay dormant within us.  So that is a very good thing.

One thing that I have noticed is that many people have been having a difficult time with old stories coming up to the surface.  People have been talking about it being very hard.  Lord knows that I have been there and this time around I have had it very good.  My physical body has been really hurting though.  My feet and ankles have been throbbing off and on for a couple days.  However, it that is all I experience then I will not complain.  Thank god for that small favor.

Yesterday as I was driving my car I noticed all my stop lights were all red.  I usually have all green lights.  As I pulled up to stop my car and wait for the light to change I heard one of my guides say to me “pay attention and let go of the old”.  I kept thinking to myself that I have no idea what that voice is trying to tell me because I felt like I was in a really good place.  I just heard be still and let go of all the old.  It is time to free yourself now.  I finally came to the resolution of what my guides were telling me.  As soon as I understood what they were saying to me and I said it out loud all of a sudden the lights were green everywhere I drove.

The universe right now is playing a major role in our co-creation of what we really want in our lives.  As I write this down my heart began to beat really fast.  Anxiety coming up.  I know that I am ready to move on and with my path forward with ease.  I am not sure where the road is taking me quite yet but I do know that it is okay for me to be where I am, right at this moment.

Last night in my dreams I received a lot of answers.  It was an active night with dreaming.  By the time I woke up I thought good god when does it get easier.  However, I understood my dream.  When I woke up I was revitalized and raring to go.  I went into a meditation and the feeling that I had was the most beautiful dream yet.  All my psychic gifts and abilities are improving tremendously fast now.  I think it and it is happening.  I say it and it is happening.

Now just to manifest at lightening speed my physical money so that it makes my head spin and I will be even happier.

So pay attention to what is going on around you and within you.  Messages are everywhere.  All you have to do is slow down, just BE, and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.  It is one way to really build trust!


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