Signs and Symbols 04/24/13

As we get closer to creating heaven on earth you will notice things are accelerating.  We have a lot going on right now, energetically.  Since this is the year of the snake and it is all about transmutation, you will notice that the old is coming up to the surface to be looked at and released.  If you choose to release it you will soon set yourself free.  

Transmutation is about shedding all the old.  Shedding is not the easiest thing to do and can feel uncomfortable at times.  You can choose to let it go by simply saying “thank you” for all the life lessons you learned from it.  The sooner you do so the easier it is to be done with it.

As this year goes on you will be challenged on old issues that you may have shrugged off.  Maybe you just were not at that point in your life to really examine what should have been dealt with before, or were to busy to take the time to do so.  It is important that you remember this is the time for it to surface and be dealt with.  One way or another it will be.  Decide to deal with it now instead of later.

So just incase you have not been noticing the signs and symbols that the universe has been sending you I am bringing it to your attention. Numbers are really important.  Have you noticed 111 or 1111? 222? 333? 5674? 

The numbers are just a reminder that the angels are with you to help you.  There are books and internet sites that you can look up the meaning of the numbers.  Maybe you have been noticing symbols such as circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, spirals, spheres,  Circles are more feminine and are about continuation and ever ending and beginnings.  Squares are more about masculine energy. Triangles are about trinity and knowledge.  Spirals can be about accessing, and so on and so forth.

Now is the time to bring in more color.  It is time to access the rainbow energies.  Notice how you feel when wearing certain colors.  Wear the colors that you feel vibrant joyful and happy in. 

This is the universe communicating with you.  Are you listening to what it has to say!


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