04/21/13 Awakening and Ascension

Tonight on our show Marie and I were discussing what Awakening means to us.  We believe that it has to do with noticing things differently, questioning beliefs, reexamining “things”, and much more.  Many people are talking about seeing things such as fairies, angels, aliens, and spirits.  People are waking up out of a deep slumber.  You might be experiencing being guided to do things that you normally would not be drawn to doing such as a class that informs you about angels, fairies, and whatever it might be.  The universe is talking to you on your soul level.  Your soul is wanting more and that more is viewed as very much out of the box thinking.

Light workers who are deciding to wake up and step up into their role of shining their light on the dark.

Ascension is evolving into a higher level of consciousness.  Some of the symptoms many people are experiencing with ascension are low grade headaches, back aches, irritability, increase and irregular periods (women), sleep patterns are off and on-sleeping more than usual or less than, upset stomach, dizzy, light headed, forgetfulness, angry, depressed, among other symptoms.

Just know that you are not alone.  We are right there with YOU:)  Be sure that you are talking with others about what you are experiencing.  Believe it or not others may or may not think you are going crazy but have no fear we are out there and understand what you are going through.  This is the time that we need to really come together and know that we are not going through this on our own with the energetics.

Remember that it is safe for you to be YOU!  Ask the universe to bring to you your like minded people so that you have that physical support.

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