Animal Comunicator and Body Talk 04/14/13

Tonight’s guest speaker was Kristen Scanlon.  She is an animal communicator and body talk practitioner.  Her experience is in working with animals of different sizes domestic and wild.  She even has worked with spiders.  Kristen spoke about how she has always been able to communicate with animals ever since she was a child.  She has not always honored it but for the past seven years has worked with animals.

Kristen enjoys helping others learn how to let go of the old and to work with their animal on letting go of their care takers energetic blocks.  Animals take on their care takers energy.  So if someone is holding onto the sorrow or grief of a loved one who has crossed their animal will hold onto it as long as you do.

Animals are here to love unconditionally.  We have so much to learn from them.  Kristen’s body talk is a modality that she teaches 2 different levels with and can be used with animal communication.  Body talk can help you heal yourself and assist in letting go of old beliefs that you carry within you and with you.

If you would like to learn more from Kristen you can contact her at or call 763-226-6943

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