Another tidbit from “Trusting Your Intuition” episode 4/2/13

Last Sunday Marie and I had a gentlemen call in and ask if there was a difference between men and women with intuition.  Marie and I just sat there unsure what to say.  Another gentlemen called in and responded.  After we hung up the phone I had a light bulb go off that did not work during our show.  I did not really understand what the first caller was asking us but after the fact and the comment from the second man I have thought about it.  This is what I have come up with.

For so long men have been brought up that it is not okay to be sensitive.  In many cultures being intuitive is considered being sensitive.  It is only now that the time is right and that many accept men as intuitive and not write it off as something else.  For centuries and beyond the mother’s intuition has been around and acknowledged, not father’s intuition.

We are now in a timeframe that balance with the feminine and masculine energies are needing to be balanced.  Intuition believe it or not is viewed as the feminine energy.  We are now witnessing men stepping into being okay with being intuned (intuitive).

So I think it would be safe to say that to a degree there is a difference between men and women and their intuition.  Does one know more than the other?  My opinion would be “NO”.  However, I feel that we are all equal and it is all about partnership, so……..hopefully this clears up any questions on any differences between men and women.

I gave a very basic response.  Basic but a response at that:-)


Love and Light to Everyone:-)



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