Trusting Your Intuition 3/31/13

Tonight on Divine Goddess Radio Beth and Marie spoke about “Trusting Your Intuition.”  We discussed what “energy” is.  It is in a constant state of motion.  We then spoke about Trusting Your “GUT” feelings.  Stories of our experiences were talked about and examples were brought up.  Examples such as your head telling you one thing and your gut telling you to do something else.  You follow what your head says and later you regret not listening to what your gut told you.

Signs and symbols and what they can mean were also talked about.  Pennies and dimes, feathers and other things can represent angels being with you.  They want you to remember you are not alone.  Animals mean something they are here to help us.  Robin’s can represent needing more joy in your life, deer can mean more gentleness is needed, and squirrels are about gathering information that you are learning and will soon be putting it to use.  Stop signs can represent green light as being your are on the right path, yellow meaning caution and pay more attention to what you are doing, thinking, and saying (being more mindful), and red light means stop, take a breathe, and look at your life and see what are you doing.  What do you need to change?  These were just a few of the examples given.

All of these signs and symbols are all around you.  You just need to pay attention.  Stop running and be still.  You will be amazed at what you are being told and guided to do once you do.  The universe helps us to remember to stop and smell the roses, that is what we are here for, experience LIFE.  Live it.  In doing so, you will learn how to  trust your thoughts, tune into your feelings, and trust your knowing.

Next, we discussed dreams and what information we are given.  We are given answers if we choose to remember our dreams.  Pay attention to colors, shapes, sizes, textures, all the details and meditate on what you need to know about the message being given, or invest in a really good dream book and go with what feels right for you.

Confirmations can be given to you with a variety of tools that you can use; cards, rods, pendulums, muscle testing, and angel tipping.

Lastly, energetic boundaries.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to know where you end and the other person begins.  Learn how to recognize what is yours (thoughts, feelings), and what is someone else’s.  Be ok with saying no that is not mine.  Choose to be free of drama and chaos.


Beth and Marie are starting a Link to Enlightenment series starting April 9, 2013.  each Tuesday we will showcase a specific topic related to enlightenment and awareness.


Our first class is Trusting Your Intuition.  If you or someone you know that needs this class give us a call at 651-900-4136 or 651-303-0555, or email us at to register.

We send you and your loved ones blessings,

Beth and Marie



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